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Venetian and Roller Blinds – A Performance Comparison Based on Indoor Illumination Levels

Australian sun is just too strong for sheer curtains and if we leave our windows open when the sun is at its strongest, it bleachers everything including the floor boards. Roller Blinds provide much better protection from UV rays compared to other window treatments like curtains. These online blinds establish great light control, temperature control, and reduce heat gain during summer. In this blog, we assess and compare two types of interior blinds namely, roller blinds and venetian blinds based on their illumination level.

What is Illumination Level?

In scientific terms, illumination is nothing but the total luminous flux incident on a surface, per unit area. That is, it is the measure of the incident light that illuminates a surface. This value found is referred to as indoor illumination level. The specialised equipment called lux meter is used to measure the amount of light illuminating a surface.

The Comparison Based on Illumination Level

Roller blinds when are exposed to various indoor illumination levels prevents any direct penetration of sunlight entering the office space. These blinds have their highest indoor illumination value at noon and this value reduces gradually towards evening. This is same in case of venetian blinds too. The indoor illumination level of venetian blinds reaches its peak at noon and constantly reduces as sun goes down. Both roller and venetian blinds greatly reduces the amount sunlight entering into your home or office space. These window treatments are believed to control the amount of direct sunlight into a building, limit the glare and minimise the solar heat gain during hot summer months.

Roman Blinds – The Benefits

Roman blinds are made from durable fabric and were introduced to keep dust from pre-paved streets entering the home. The quality and durability of these roller blinds provides great value for your money. Today, online roller blinds come in a variety of superior models with an internal lining which enables you to enhance shading and light filtering abilities. Raising and lowering of these blinds is enabled by the side chain operation and they can be installed either inside or outside of the window. With a range of colours and patterns, roller blinds add a touch of elegance to your home.

Venetian Blinds – The Benefits

Venetian blinds are popular for its unique slatted design and provide complete control over light filtration and an extra level of privacy. They are durable because of its sturdy construction and do not require any regular maintenance. These blinds can be raised and lowered using a cord and individual slats can be controlled by a separate cord or plastic wand. This feature allows accurate determination of light levels in an office or bedroom.

With all these benefits, both Venetian and roller blinds are ideal choice for office spaces and home. But, roller blinds are the most preferred for their contemporary design and convenience.