Vertical Blinds Custom

Vertical Blinds are able to provide light and privacy control by the ability to rotate blades through 180°, or set them at any angle in between. In addition to this, Vertical Blinds are operated with a wand and are a practical option for large door areas.

A choice of light filter and blockout fabrics, which are also available to use in Roller Blinds & Roman Blinds enables coordination between products. All vertical fabrics are offered in an 89mm or 127mm blade width. Vertical Blinds have an extensive range of colours, patterns and textures through the variety available Portsea, Harmony and Kirra blockout and light filter ranges, as well as the Essentials, Vibe, Reflections, Melaleuca and Cabaret blockout ranges.

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  • 89mm Slat Verticals

    The slimmer 89mm Vertical blinds give your room a nice, modern look. You have a couple of choices when it comes to light control. Blockout Verticals offer the most light (100%) and heat control. Light filtering Verticals on the other hand, allow more light to come into your room.

    Vertical blinds do a fantastic job of protecting your family and your furniture against harmful UV rays. You also have a great choice of colours across the entire blinds range and whether you need inside or outside mounting, we cater for both!

    You can also choose to have bottom weights sewn-into the blinds to help keep them in place when you have the air conditioner or pedestal fan running in summer. Suitable for the home and office, Vertical blinds are some of the most popular on our website.

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  • 127mm Slat Verticals

    Our 127mm Vertical blinds (wider slats) are by far the most popular choice of Verticals in Australian homes. They are incredible value for money and are ideal window treatments for sliding doors and large windows.

    Easy light and privacy control with either 100% blockout Verticals or light filtering models. Verticals also help protect your family, furnishings and carpets from harmful UV sun damage during summer. You can be sure to find a colour to suit any decor and taste within our Verticals range and all blinds feature child safety mechanisms for added peace of mind.

    Why not have a look at our range of 127mm slat Verticals below and any questions, just ask our friendly team on live chat or call us on 1300 652 027.

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