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Our family has been selling custom and ready made blinds and curtains for over 40 years. Read more about us on this page.

Here are just a few testimonials from our many happy customers who have purchased either curtains or blinds online from our secure site.We pride ourselves on looking after you, the customer long after your purchase. This means when you buy blinds online from us, you can be rest assured you’ll not only get high quality, durable blinds at a cheap price, you'll be treated to even better after sales service.

We specialise in a range of blinds and curtains including:

In most cases, your blinds will be delivered to your door in under 7 days no matter whether you're in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Canberra, Darwin or regional Australia.

Try us today. Don’t forget you can order free colour samples before you buyto help you get a feel for the quality of our fabrics, too. Got a question about any of our blinds or curtains or the company itself? You can call us on 1300 652 027, live chat or email - we're only too happy to help!

Blinds Online - Your Interiors Redefined

Blinds can be the personal style statement that defines you. Be it your workplace, home or recreational room, the blinds you choose can set the mood and revamp the interior look. Each blind has a benefit of its own, and this is why some blinds suit certain locations better than the others. Buying blinds online at our store gives you an edge of comparison that no other store can offer. From competitive rates to excellent quality, you can rely on us to get the ideal blinds for the perfect setting.

Flatter Your Interiors

While most stores will try to sell you blinds which can be inappropriate for your interiors, we ensure that the blinds we offer amplify the positivity of the décor and enhance your interiors.

Buying Venetian blinds online from us can be the best choice you can make if you plan to use it in your drawing room or office reception. Timber, aluminium or PVC variants of the materials we use can add to the aesthetic beauty of the setting. Buying these blinds online from us also gives you the additional benefit of fast delivery and warranty for up to 5 years.

Blinds Online You've Been Looking for

If you are looking for blinds that best suit your room in terms of functionality and aesthetics, then you can opt to buy vertical blinds online from our store. They have been specially designed for block out and room darkening purposes. The designs have been so crafted that the room’s décor and aesthetics are well preserved if not accentuated.

Another choice you can go for is buying roller blinds online from our store for the purpose of window coverings for your bedroom. These blinds not only help in block out purposes but act as effective sunscreen in case your bedroom windows face the sun directly during mornings or evenings. This way you can roll up the blinds to ensure it is out of the picture when not in use, and roll it down as an effective sunscreen which adds to the aesthetic factors and decor of the room when in use.


  • Are your Online Blinds new? Do you sell any second hand products? No… We only sell new products which are custom made to your specifications and delivered directly to you.
  • How fast will I get my order? We try to make sure you get your order as fast as possible. In most cases, your readymade blinds will be delivered to your door in less than 7 days no matter whether you're in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Canberra, Darwin or regional Australia.
  • Can we get samples? We know how difficult a decision it can be matching the right blinds online with your existing decor. That's why you can order FREE samples of any colour and fabric we have available so you can get a feel for the level of quality in our blinds and curtains.
  • Can I visit your showroom to view your blinds and samples? We are an online blinds shopping site to save you money and our warehouses are not open to the public. All orders are delivered door-to-door via reputable couriers. Our website shows what all our products look like and you are able to order free samples to physically experience the colour and texture of our products.
  • How do I install my Venetian Blind? Installing blinds has never been so easy, Super Blinds Mart has now produced these helpful & handy step by step installations guides; learn how to install blinds with our downloadable guides. Click here.
  • Why should I consider venetian blinds for my windows? If you are looking to add touch of contemporary look to your home, then Venetian Blinds is the best bet to choose from to freshen up your décor. We offer Custom Venetian Blinds in - PVC, Aluminium and Timber finishes, different colour ranges along with many options to enhance the style of any décor. Venetian Blinds, don’t just serve as a style statement, they also take full control of the natural light from coming in. Get a 10% discount when you buy venetian blinds online! Talk to us at 1300 652 027 to get the right Venetian Blinds for your windows!
  • Is it easy to install when I buy blinds online? Can I do it myself? Yes, it is similar to hanging a wall painting. If you can hang a painting by yourself, then you can very well install the blinds also by yourself. It is that easy! Our custom designed product comes with instructions, so it just takes minutes to install the blinds. In order to help you, we have the installation instructions for blinds, on our installation page on the website. In case, if you have a problem with the blinds, just contact our customer support at 1300 652 027, they will help you with this, step by step. So, don’t worry, we are here to help when you buy blinds online.
  • How long does it take to receive if I order my Blinds Online? We make sure to get your order as quick as possible.  Once you place your order for blinds online, we receive your payment in full, we process your order immediately to the production department. We try our best to deliver it to your house in 7 days or less, whether you live in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Canberra, Darwin or regional Australia. In case, if you are confused about making a decision in getting the right blinds online for your current décor, you can order FREE samples of any colour and material so that you get to the feel of the quality of our blinds and curtains and then purchase similar blinds online
  • I recently got Venetian Blinds online for my windows, how do I keep them clean? We advise you to clean your blinds on a regular basis to prevent dirt from building up. This will reduce the need for a deep clean.  Wiping your blinds with damp cloth is the best recommended one for a regular cleaning. If you have got wooden venetian blinds online, we advise you not to use too much water, as this may negatively affect the timber slats. Here are a few ways to clean the blinds effectively – First, dust the blinds with a light feather duster. Next, wipe each slat with a damp cloth to remove visible dirt. If the dirt is persistent, apply a custom blind cleaning solution, especially, the one with an anti-static agent. This will help prevent dust from gathering in future.
  • Why should I order samples before ordering blinds online? This is just to help you in your chaos state of ordering the right blinds online for your existing décor, moreover - 1. They are FREE 2. The sample is cut from the actual product 3. It helps you in easy comparison between the differences in fabrics, colours and styles. 4. You can stay confident that you’re getting the right colour by way of ordering blinds online.


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