Venetian Blinds Custom

Custom Venetian blinds are unique in their exceptional ability to control light and privacy whilst continuing to have a timeless sophistication as a contemporary window covering.

Venetian blinds have an ease of operation with a simple set of cords for slat tilting and lifting of the blind. The Super Blinds Mart range of custom Venetian blinds is extensive in its variety of materials and colour range, providing many options to enhance any decor style. The wide range of materials that are available allow you to select the best and most appropriate Venetian blind for the environmental conditions, application requirements and level of usage.

Note: As a guide, blinds over 3m² (Aluminium is 4m²) will be heavy to lift up. Depending on the application, it is advised to use two or more blinds instead of one. When lifting larger blinds, the operator should guide the blind by holding the base rail as they are lifting it up.

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