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Sleep problems? These blinds could help

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blackout blockout blinds

Light entering the bedroom can contribute to delayed sleep, a poor quality of sleep and waking prematurely from sleep. But Blockout Blinds can help!

Light pollution can enter from a variety of sources such as street lights, illuminated signs, passing cars, light polluting neighbours, bright moonlight and early morning daylight (especially in summer when days are longer and nights shorter).

A sleeper may not even be aware that their sleep has been disturbed by light and may simply think that they have insomnia or that they might have spontaneously woken up before finishing their full nights sleep cycle of 7-9 hours.

Sub-optimal and inadequate sleep can lead to a multitude of health and wellness issues, including increased risk of:blackout blockout blinds

  • Stroke
  • Obesity
  • High blood pressure
  • Weak immune response
  • Heart disease
  • Reduced Fertility
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Memory loss
  • Reduced mental clarity
  • Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Inflammation (which itself is a key component of a large proportion of other illnesses)
  • And Ultimately Reduced lifespan

Sources of light that come from within the house can be controlled; where screen light and house lights can be reduced or eliminated at least 4 hours before bed to improve sleep but external sources which are not under your control may still have a negative affect on your sleep.

Logically once you have begun to control the light within your home, the only remaining obstacle to effectively mastering this important factor in your life, is to control the passage of light coming from outside your home… And the cheapest, easiest and overall best way to do that, is to install blinds with a Blockout Lining in your house wherever you expect to be awake in the final hours of your day. Not only will they provide privacy and improve the ambience of your house at night but by contributing to a good nights sleep they could form part of healthy lifestyle that extends and improves your life itself.

Blockout Blinds are not a one-size-fits all product, as each person’s home is unique, luckily you can buy custom made-to-order blinds with Blockout linings here in several varieties including the popular Roman, Roller and Vertical blinds. Where fabrics are marked as 100% blockout (effectively blackout blinds) these are suitable for nightshift workers and home cinema areas where you are hoping to achieve the darkest room possible even in broad daylight. Warehouse direct to save your money, the varieties featured here will fit the measurements (width and height/drop) you provide and you can even order free samples if you are unsure of how they will look against your existing decor. Easy installation instructions come with the blinds to ensure you have no difficulties in fitting them.

If you are in need of some good Blockout Blinds, then start looking for the perfect fit here.

7 Tips to Help you Buy the Right Blinds

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Whether for Practical or Aesthetic Intentions, choosing the right blinds for each room is a fundamental skill needed for creating the perfect home environment.

Here at Super Blinds Mart there are lots of types of blinds online and options are not only more plentiful here, but often more customisable too; So how can you decide which blind is right for you?

Blind Selection Tips

The secret to achieving the most optimum style and utility is in the proper selection of blinds. Read the tips below as a guide on which type of blinds to use in your home.

  1. Roman Blinds offer Versatility: Among the many variations of blinds, the most common ones are the Venetian blinds and Roman blinds. Of the two most common options, Roman blinds offer some of the best overall versatility in whatever space they adorn by providing moderate benefits from all classes of blinds. However there are some areas you would not use them; for example Roman Blinds may not be the best option in wet/humid spaces as the same soft fabric that helps to dampen noise can also trap moisture.
  2. Venetian Blinds Control Light Best: Venetian blinds are an elegant classic and they will allow you to have more control over how much light you want to enter your room. This is primarily because a Venetian blind can be adjusted up and down and from side to side to channel and adjust light according to preference. If you are looking to add these dynamic blinds to your bathroom or kitchen area, opt for a PVC material that will be both heat and moisture resistant.
  3. Roller Blinds can also work in the Kitchen: Roller Blinds are an excellent choice when you want a clean, modern and minimalist look in your home; but if you are looking for roller blinds to use on your kitchen windows, it would be wise to use roller blinds with a protective coating on the material which can protect it from being affected by the moist and humid environment of the kitchen.
  4. Vertical Blinds are often the most economical option: This is because the hanging strips can be added to accommodate any length of window and come in a variety of materials some of which are very affordable to produce. They are also easy to clean and replace due to these same factors.
  5. Blackout Linings are a must in the Bedroom: In the bedroom, the perfect blinds would be those that have blackout linings to maximize privacy as well as noise and light insulation. This type of blind would normally be available custom-made. You want a blind that can completely cover the frame. Also, it would be ideal to use uniform blinds or blinds that have the same style and material so that even if you have a lot of windows, they still give off a cohesive look.
  6. For Maximum Day-to-Night Flexibility, Blend your Blinds: If the room you plan to put window treatments in is used in many different ways, the best thing to do is to blend curtains and blinds together. This will give a more versatile window dressing that will look perfect during the day or night and will be able to let in or keep out as much or as little as you wish.
  7. It is a Matter of Life and Death to Consider Safety around Kids: Some people may not be aware that there have been serious injuries and even fatalities when small children have become tangled in unsecured hanging cords. So if you are looking for blinds to use in a room which kids frequent, it is important to choose the types of blinds that are cordless or those that contain a spring mechanism so that it is safe to let children move around in those environments.

Different Styles with Blinds

Mixing and combining different window treatments like blinds, shades, and curtains can bring a lot of difference in your room. Here are some suggested styles that may be perfect for your room.

Double Exposure

If you have a twin window in your room, the best thing to do is to buy Roman blinds online that have the same striped pattern and colour combination. This will break the plain solid colour of the walls. Moreover, adjusting the height of the two blinds in varying heights can help you have a better control of the amount of light entering the room.

Beautiful and Bright

If you are aiming for a bright, young, vibrant, and a more feminine style, you can use a roller blind with a floral print. The fancy print of the blinds will bring attention to the window and it can be the break you need from the dull colours of the room. Additionally, you can use a roller blind made with a lightweight fabric so that even if the blind is rolled down, a little light can still enter the room.

Fine Lines

If you are more accustomed to lines and the design of the room is characterised by lines, you can blend in a Venetian blind with it. Often, your living room, kitchen, and bathrooms will be full of lines. Using a Venetian blind or a vertical blind in these rooms will help accentuate the fine lines already present. You can choose from a wide variety of materials for the blinds like wood, metal, and plastic. However, you have to remember that wood may not be that suitable for moist environments so you do not want to use them in the bathroom or the kitchen.

No matter how modern and advanced we already are in terms of our living conditions, there is still no doubt that using blinds will always be a possible choice when we are thinking about upgrading the styles of our interior design. So, if you have time, shop for the best blinds online and start getting creative!

Get Specific

Once you know roughly what you need, check out our customizable blinds below and click through to find your best fit today.

  1. Roman Blinds.
  2. Venetian Blinds
  3. Roller Blinds
  4. Vertical Blinds
  5. Blinds with Blackout Linings

Timber Vs. PVC Venetian Blinds – Which One is a Better Investment for Your Home?

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With more information readily available in this century, customers get wiser every day. They know cheaper is not always the best choice! When you choose low-cost products over quality, it costs you more in the long run.

With this in mind, here we’ve detailed whether timber Venetian blinds or PVC Venetian blinds is the right choice that fits your decorating needs and current budget.

Timber Venetian Blinds

Timber Venetian Blinds are made from 100% natural wood, and it’s hard to beat the beauty of these blinds. Each slat of the timber Venetian blinds has natural diverse grain visibility that adds instant warmth and subtle touch to your room. It not only improves the look of your home but also highlights the other design elements in your home. Timber Venetian blinds are made to withstand high temperatures, and exposure to direct sunlight doesn’t cause any harm. They provide excellent light control and maximises energy efficiency.


You can add draping over the timber Venetian blinds to make it look pleasing and reflect your taste. But, make sure that the draping you use goes well with your home décor and is more appealing to your guests.

Care and Maintenance

The maintenance of timber Venetian blinds is less and need regular dusting. You can use the same products that you use to clean your fine wooden furniture. To clean hard to reach areas of the blinds, use a long vacuum attachment with the soft brushes. Don’t expose wooden Venetian blinds to water as it leads to warp, sag, bow, form bubbles on the surface, or degrade in other ways.

PVC Venetian Blinds

PVC Venetian blinds, also called faux wood blinds are made of PVC, a hard, durable material that’s lightweight, fire-resistant and economical. But, when it’s exposed to heat above 60 degrees Celsius, it softens and becomes more prone to warping. So, they aren’t suitable for the kitchen. But, faux wood blinds are highly sought after by customers as it is impervious to high humidity and less costly than real wood blinds.


From a distance, PVC Venetian blinds are indistinguishable from real wood blinds. The maintenance is less, and you can save more money since the cost is usually less. You might have to use a mixture of several types of wood or faux wood blinds to avoid frequent and costly replacement if you live in an area where the sunshine is often intense.

Care and Maintenance

Like timber Venetian blinds, dust your blinds to make them clean. Use a microfiber cloth or a duster to clean both the sides of the PVC blinds. To prevent scratching, use the vacuum cleaner attachment with the softest brushes to clean hard to reach blinds. You must clean the PVC blinds once in a week, but if you have them installed in garages, work sheds, or other areas exposed to weather elements, it needs frequent cleaning.

Visit us if you are looking for Venetian blinds online. We’ve got a wide array of Venetian blinds in different styles, colours, and materials.

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Add Venetian Blinds to Your Home for a Timeless Appeal

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Window treatments are the most defining décor in your home and play an essential role in changing the vibe of the space you are living in. Venetian blinds are a timeless and durable option that changes the whole appearance of your home.

This window option has been around for over centuries and is available in different varieties. Even today, Venetian blinds online are considered to be a classic design choice for any home.

Venetian Blinds Options

Venetian blinds are commonly made of wood, making it a beautiful and durable window treatment in most spaces. They are highly versatile and can be used in almost any space, except bathrooms. Different Venetian blinds options are listed below:

Timber Blinds: Timber Venetian blinds are well-known for its classic appeal and can be installed in any space of your home. They come with a natural finish and can be stained or painted easily using any colour.
Composite Venetian Blinds: Composite Venetian blinds are popular choices for the homes in the humid region as they come with excellent water resistance. The timeless design of this Venetian blinds option makes it the perfect choice for homes with a classic design. Moreover, they can be painted easily using any colour.
Faux Wood Blinds: Unlike timber blinds, faux wood Venetian blinds come with excellent water resistance, and the engineered wood graining can be painted in any colour.
Aluminium Venetian Blinds: Aluminium Venetian blinds are 100% water resistant and are made to hold their shape for a very long time. They come in contemporary design and are available in many colours.

Venetian blinds coordinate well with both contemporary and traditional colour design. They also come in a variety of sizes, aesthetic options, wood and painted finishes, and more. Because of all these reasons, they are considered to be universal when it comes to window treatments.

You can install Venetian blinds anywhere in your home, especially in spaces that overlook the busy streets or noisy neighbours. While privacy is protected, you can also tilt the slats of these Venetian blinds to allow some sunlight to enter through it.

If you want to install a window treatment in your office or ultra-modern home, solid Venetian blinds are an absolute option.

How to Style Venetian Blinds?

Venetian blinds alone can finish the look of your home. But, when framed by draperies and curtains, they look even better and go well with the colour and theme of your home. You can create a much softer and casual mood in your home by adding floor-to-ceiling draperies.

Are you looking for the perfect window option that enhances privacy and at the same time, complements the look and feel of your home? Buy Venetian blinds online to find a range of Venetian blinds options that suits any style.

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Prolong the Life of Your Venetian Blinds with a Proper Maintenance Routine

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Window blinds can be an expensive investment to your home, and it requires regular maintenance and service to make them look fresh and new always. With proper cleaning and maintenance routine, you don’t have to replace them for a long time. To keep your window blinds dust and dirt-free, a weekly or fortnightly vacuum is all you need to begin.

From timber Venetian blinds to PVC Venetian blinds online, there are different types of window blinds online, and they require different cleaning techniques. So, before starting your cleaning or maintenance work, you must learn how to clean each material without damaging them during the cleaning process.

One of the significant advantages of cleaning Venetian blinds is that they can be cleaned at home at a less cost than curtains, which requires dry cleaning or laundry.

Wood Venetian Blinds

Wood Venetian blinds, also called timber Venetian blinds are the most preferred window treatment option among the homeowners as they provide a natural look and feel to any space. Since they are a natural product, they need some extra care to prolong the life of these blinds. Here is the cleaning technique you must follow for wood window blinds.

  • Give wood Venetian blinds a dust over before starting the cleaning procedure.
  • Use a feather duster to give a light dusting by tilting the slats up and below.
  • Do this procedure weekly to prevent the accumulation of dust in your blinds.
  • Giving a dust over and using a feather duster prepares the blinds for deep cleaning.
  • You can also run a vacuum cleaner along the slats to deep clean Venetian blinds.
  • Don’t use any harsh chemicals or get the blinds wet as it can shorten the lifespan of timber Venetian blinds.

PVC Venetian Blinds

PVC Venetian blinds are well-known for their simple maintenance. These blinds are water-resistant and also withstand hot temperatures and humidity due to their capability to withstand tough conditions and made up of durable materials.

  • Like wood Venetian blinds, tilt the slats in the upward position and start dusting using a feather duster or a dry cloth.
  • Repeat the same process by tilting the slats in the downward position.
  • After dusting, clean the slats with a damp cloth to remove the dirt and dust sticking to the slats of the PVC Venetian blinds.
  • This procedure can be done repeatedly by tilting the slats upwards, downwards, or by opening them.
  • During the cleaning process, make sure to damp the cloth repeatedly and change the water whenever necessary.

The Bottom Line

Venetian blinds are the significant investment to any home, and proper maintenance is required to prolong their lifetime. Use the right cleaning techniques to clean the window blinds to avoid replacing them for a long time.

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A Budget-friendly Kitchen Blinds Solution

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From the layout of your home to the window location, there are different factors to consider while choosing the right window shading solution for the kitchen. Here are a few essential factors to consider that assists you in the decision making the process for selecting the right kitchen Venetian blinds that suit your requirements.

Home Layout and Style

While choosing a window treatment for the kitchen, the first thing to consider is the layout and style of the kitchen. If you have an open floor plan, make sure to note how the kitchen blinds will work with the other window coverings in the same open space. You must also ensure whether the window Venetian blinds you choose goes well with your kitchen interiors.

Window Location

The location of your kitchen window is the second most crucial factor to consider. If your kitchen window is located over the sink, install water-resistant Venetian blinds, and if it is located over the stove, choose Venetian blinds online that are long-lasting and durable.

Cleaning and Maintenance

We all know that the kitchen is the over-utilized part of our home and can get messy quickly. So, while choosing Venetian blinds for your kitchen, consider the level of maintenance and choose one that withstands the high heat and other kitchen conditions.

Timber Venetian Blinds

Timber Venetian blinds are an excellent choice for kitchen and suits well for other rooms too. This versatile nature makes them a popular choice for a home with open floor plans. These blinds are durable, long-lasting, water-resistant, and heat resistant. So, even with a prolonged usage, the slats will not warp, twist, dent, scratch, or fade. Timber Venetian blinds have a PVC coating that makes them easy to maintain, and this makes them the top blinds choice for the kitchen, where the blinds can get dirty quickly. Use a damp cloth to wipe out the dust and stains out of the blinds.

Aluminium Venetian Blinds

If you are a budget-conscious homeowner with a budget-friendly kitchen blind solution, Aluminium blinds are the top choice among customers. The sleek slimline design with flexible light and privacy control makes it the most suitable option for modern kitchen designs. Aluminium Venetian blinds can be installed in windows that are located above the sink as they are water-resistant and do not peel, fade or warp. They come in a different range of colours and come with two slats width. Moreover, they are simple to clean, and all you need is a damp sponge to make them easy to clean and long-lasting.

Finding the right kitchen blinds don’t have to be difficult and challenging! Visit Super Blinds Mart now to buy Venetian blinds online that complements the look and style of your kitchen.

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Should You Pick Timber Venetian Blinds or PVC Venetian Blinds for Your Home

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One of the most commonly asked questions by the homeowners when they are searching for the right window treatment is, ‘timber venetian blinds or PVC venetian blinds?’ When it comes to choosing the right window treatment for your home, there are a lot of decisions to be made.

Selecting one between wood venetian blinds and PVC venetian blinds is not as complicated as you think it would be. Let’s discuss in detail!

Timber Venetian Blinds

Wooden or Timber Venetian Blinds are a classic window covering option. The slight variations in the wood provide a natural look and add character and texture to space. Considering timber venetian blinds is a good investment for your home as it offers excellent control over privacy, view, light, and ventilation.

In Australia, timber venetian blinds have become a popular choice among the homeowners as it acts as a natural insulator. It helps regulate the temperature in the home and can withstand the harsh Australian climate.

Wooden venetian blinds come with different finishing options and can suit any interior home décor. They can be installed in any room of the home and are easy to operate.

PVC Venetian Blinds

PVC venetian blinds, also referred to as faux wood venetian blinds are considered as a highly durable window treatment option and a great alternative to timber venetian blinds. PVC venetian blinds come with waterproof slats, and they are resistant to fading warping, twisting, cracking and scratches due to the durable vinyl coating. It can withstand the Australian climate with a High Heat Deflection Temperature (HDT) of 60 degrees. These blinds are versatile and can be installed in any room of the home, and by this way, you can create a consistent look and feel.

The look of window blinds is achieved by the wood grain slats and painted slats. Compared to other window treatment options, PVC venetian blinds are affordable and provide excellent privacy control, light control, and airflow.

Timber or PVC Venetian Blinds by Room

When considering the window treatment option for your room, it is better to consider the room the blinds will be installed.

Living Room Blinds: You can install any type of venetian blinds in your living room but consider the style of the room to make the right choice. Consider installing PVC venetian blinds to create a unified appearance if you have an open plan living, kitchen, and dining area.
Bedroom Blinds: Since venetian blinds offer excellent control over privacy, light, and airflow, you can install any type of venetian blinds in the bedroom windows.
Kitchen Blinds: If the windows are located above the sink or close to high moisture area, choose PVC venetian blinds as they are water-resistant and highly durable. You can select any type of Venetian blinds online for other areas in your kitchen.
Bathroom Blinds: Regardless of the window location in your bathroom, install PVC venetian blinds because your bathroom always has high humidity level and hot temperature.

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Soundproof Your Room with Timber Venetian Blinds

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Living in a noisy street or next to loud neighbours is frustrating! If you are looking for easy and inexpensive ways to minimise the noise entering your home, window coverings are the right option.

Did you know Venetian blinds are an excellent option to soundproof your home? In addition to adding noise insulation, they also provide light control, privacy control, blocks UV rays, reduces heating and cooling costs, and more. They act as an extra layer to your windows and doors and creates a barrier for sound entering your home. You can install any type of blinds to minimise the noise entering your room, but there are a few blinds with high insulation properties that are better at eliminating noise.

Timber Venetian Blinds

Timber venetian blinds online are a natural insulator with properties that help reduce the level of noise entering your home. Choose an inside mounted timber venetian blinds to remove the gap that allows sound to penetrate. Moreover, timber Venetian blinds come with ‘smart privacy’ slats that offer a tight closure, which in turn helps in reducing the noise level entering room. To increase the soundproofing effect, you can also combine with other window treatment options.

Other Tips to Soundproof Your Home

Even if you install window coverings to minimise the level of noise entering your home, it does not provide a 100% barrier against sound. So, you must combine different soundproofing techniques to increase protection.

  • Seal up cracks and gaps to protect your house from outside noise. You can fill the gaps and cracks with sealants, which you can easily find in local shops.
  • Did you know adding soft furnishings to your home décor can absorb sound? As fabric blinds that absorb sound, furnishings such as lounge suites, rugs, cushions and throws will absorb noise level and minimise sound.
  • Installing double glazed window is also a soundproofing technique but considered expensive. When combined with the right window treatment, it will provide high resistance against sound for years to come.
  • Planting larger trees and hedges creates a natural barrier against sound and block noise entering your home.
  • Cover the walls by hanging artworks or installing shelving filled with books as books can absorb some amount of the sound before they travel through the internal walls.

The Bottom Line

By choosing a window treatment to soundproof your home and combining it with the right soundproofing technique can reduce the level of noise entering your home easily and effectively. Blinds are the best way to soundproof your room! Buy Venetian blinds online, especially the sound reducing timber venetian blinds to create complete soundproofing for your home.

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A Premium Choice of Blinds to Add a Timeless Charm to Your Home

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In recent days, window coverings have become an integral part of any home décor. Choosing the right type of window treatment with stylish patterns and attractive colours can improve the décor of your home.

Timber venetian blinds are growing in popularity these days and are considered to be the classic, sturdy, and stylish choice for any home setting. This refined and elegant window furnishing has numerous benefits when installed in your home.

Did you know timber venetian blinds are made of timber sourced from sustainable plantations, and kiln dried to suit the Australian climate and comes with years of warranty for peace of mind?

Here are a few reasons to select timber venetian blinds online and how they have become the right choice for people in Australia.

Unique Blend of Warmth and Style

Timber venetian blinds come in a combination of warmth and style that provide an appealing look to your living space. With timber venetian blinds, you can achieve any style you desire. Since they are available in both modern painted colours and style finished with traditional stains, they can improve the décor of your home.

Light and Privacy

Most of the timber venetian blinds come with slats that are 50mm wide so that they can offer total control over light and privacy. You can adjust the slats to any angle to allow the desired amount of light that you feel comfortable in. They offer enhanced privacy control and prevents unwanted and annoying peeks and glares from the onlookers. Moreover, these blinds are UV protected and block harmful UV rays from entering your home.

Ease of Operation

There are some window treatments available in the market that requires quite an effort to operate. But, this is not the case with timber venetian blinds as they are easy to operate with their push and pull cords.

Versatile Design

Whether your house has a very traditional or modern look, timber venetian blinds look amazing on any home they are installed in. As they are available in different widths and types of wood, they provide numerous options to select the perfect fit and finish for your home. The versatility in design also makes them a great choice for offices and other commercial spaces.

Adds Value to Your Home

Did you know installing timber venetian blinds will raise the value of the home for prospective buyers? The numerous benefits of timber venetian blinds are attractive to home buyers, and this influence the value of your home in the real estate market.

Unlike other window blinds, timber venetian blinds do not cause any annoying banging sounds when the wind blows as they have a lot more weight.

Visit Super Blinds Mart now if you are looking for timber or PVC venetian blinds at affordable rates.

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Venetian Blinds – A Perfect Fit for Your Living Space

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Are you looking for the perfect window treatment for your home? Venetian blinds are the perfect addition to your home windows. Aluminium venetian blinds come with horizontal slats that can be adjusted to any angle depending on your requirement.

In addition to Aluminium, they also come in different varieties, including plastic, wood, PVC, and more. Depending on the material you choose, the price may vary. Moreover, these blinds can fit perfectly in any space and come with a simple and sleek design.

Here we’ve listed a few reasons why they have become the popular choice of window treatment among homeowners.


In the window furnishing market, venetian blinds online provide the best value for your bucks. As these types of window covering offers the best value for your money, you can choose them to fit into any space. PVC venetian blinds are highly durable and have high resistance to water and detergent; hence, they can be used in bathrooms and kitchens.

Low Maintenance

Aluminium venetian blinds are easy to maintain, and you only need a simple brush to clean it. Or wipe them once in a while to make it spick and span again. This great feature of venetian blinds can be appreciated if you know how easily dust can accumulate in a property and how difficult it is to clean them over and over again. While cleaning venetian blinds, don’t use an abrasive or strong sponge to clean them as they might damage the material. Only use a dry cloth and dilute solution to clean the blinds.

Easily Customisable

Since venetian blinds are available in different sizes, shapes, and styles, they are easily customisable and can be cut and fixed to any window. While PVC blinds are available in different colours, wooden venetian blinds can be sprayed or powder-coated to desired colours.


Venetian blinds are one of the few blinds that look good when installed in any interior or space. They blend with any configuration either it be a contemporary or traditional home and gives your home a stylish and attractive look. They fit perfectly on your windows, providing you with privacy and increased energy efficiency.

Easy to Install

Venetian blinds can be installed easily with a minimum of tools. It takes only less than thirty minutes to install.

Control over Light and Other Elements

Venetian blinds have ample control over light and other elements such as privacy, sunlight, airflow, view, and more. By changing the angle of the slats, you can regulate the amount of light entering your home. The ability to block out light and heat makes them an excellent choice for every Australian homes.

If you are looking for a perfect window treatment for your home and can’t decide on which window cover is best for your home, installing venetian blinds will be a great idea. They are highly affordable, versatile, and more energy-efficient.

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