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Thinking of a window treatment? You can’t go wrong with window blinds!

Window blinds are the perfect option to filter the light that enters your home and control your level of privacy. Online blinds can be pulled out for an unimpeded view or can be closed completely to ensconce you.

These easy-to-adjust slatted window treatments are available in a variety of sizes, materials, price points and more. So, knowing how to determine and install perfect blinds for your home is critical.

How to determine the best window blinds

Choose the right style

Hard materials such as vinyl or wood are used to make window blinds whereas shades are made from fabric. These window blinds come in two basic forms vertical and horizontal, which can be a stand-alone window treatment or paired with curtains for a softer effect.

Horizontal window blinds

Horizontal window blinds are perfect for windows that are small and narrow. These horizontal blinds are well known to add great visual appeal while controlling light entering into the room. But, these blinds are less preferred for expansive windows as the wider span causes the blinds to sag in the middle. The light entering into your room can be adjusted by twisting a wand that controls a series of connected cords.

Vertical window blinds

Vertical blinds come in a wide range of colour and material choices just like horizontal blinds and feature a top track from which individual vanes hang. These types of blinds go well with glass patio doors and wide windows. The light flow through these blinds can be adjusted using a wand that connects the vanes.

Material type

As stated earlier, window blinds online are made up of a variety of hard materials to suit your taste, needs, and budget.

Vinyl: Vinyl blinds are the top-sellers and come in a wide range of colour and sizes. They are both inexpensive and easy to clean.

Wood: Wood blinds are well known to add a warm, natural look to your room and comes in different popular finishes.

Aluminium: Installing sleek aluminium blinds gives your windows a contemporary look and depending on the size of the blinds cost varies.

Precise measurement

If you want your window blinds to operate smoothly and block light effectively, taking an accurate measurement is essential. While taking the measurements, make sure that you not only measure the width and length of the window or door frame but ‘round-down’ for a proper fit.

Installation basics

While buying blinds online, it comes with all hardware you need including brackets and screws. First attach the brackets that will hold the blinds inside the window frame, r on the wall on either side of the window. After securing the brackets in place, fit the upper rail of the blinds into the brackets. Place the support bracket for wide blinds to ensure that there is no sagging in the middle. Give your blinds a finished look using a finished front piece that snaps in place over the top rail to cover the brackets.