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The Advantages of Investing in a Timber Venetian Blind

Timber Venetian blinds are the most popular kind of wooden blinds available in the Australian home design market today. Depending on the precise requirements of your home/room, timber venetian blinds are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and operations. Though a bit more expensive than plastic blinds or curtains and drapes, they bring a whole new set of advantages that lead to its popularity. Here’s why you should be investing in them:

1. Block out light

Well, that’s what all kinds of blinds are supposed to do! However, the design of venetian blinds allow for a greater degree of control on the amount of light entering the room. Easily operable with a string, you can adjust the angle of the slats according to the time of the day and your needs. This ease of operation also doubles up as a privacy feature, especially if you live in a crowded neighbourhood.

2. Unique in design

Timber always enhances the look of your décor, regardless of the way it is deployed. A touch of class to your home or office, timber venetian blinds enhance the integrity of the space and will also work to emphasise a natural look of the room. Further, timber venetian blinds come in a wide range of styles, shades and varnishes that will easily match the texture of your wall panels, wooden floorboards or furniture. Another advantage here would be the ease with which you can re-stain the wooden venetian blinds to create a new look instead of buying a completely new set.

3. Easy to clean

It’s true that wooden blinds easily collect dirt and dust but timber venetian blinds are also easier to clean. Since wooden blinds are solid and since you can always adjust the slats, all it will take is a thorough wipe with a damp cloth. Do it regularly, perhaps every weekend, depending on the locality you live in, and your blinds would be well off.

4. Completely natural

If you are a lover of earthly textures and materials, wooden venetian blinds are a perfect mix of style and simplicity. It is however necessary that you are able to choose the perfect grain pattern and texture to match your décor. Each individual timber venetian blind will be slightly different from another if they don’t come from the same stock. Being natural also makes the timber venetian blinds more durable, as long as you care to clean them regularly.

It takes little effort to maintain a timber venetian blind in your home or office. However, the advantages they bring in can be really handy. It’s not surprising why these blinds are becoming a go-to addition to modern homes and offices around Australia.