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Style up Your Home with Roman Blinds

Wondering how to decorate your home? Consider Roman blinds. Here, we have an enthralling idea to decorate your home with blinds online.

Roman blinds gives more stylish and an elegant look to your windows and adds glamour to your home. They are cost-effective and one of the most popular choices among all blinds. Roman blinds are also known as fabric romans or soft romans and are also available in ready-made or custom made. It comes in an extensive range of curtain materials with extra embellishments such as swags, pleated cords and pelmets adding a classy look. You can add texture, colours and fabric weights of your choice. Install your blinds such a way to create a contrasting focal point of the room and generate a stunning visual appearance. Then, coordinate them to match your existing furnishings like sofas and pillows.

The custom roman blinds online can be customised with fabric curtains to produce luxurious look and feel. They can also be crafted from any other curtain materials you wish, to express your nature.

Some of the features that make the blinds to fit perfectly are come under varying controls such as:

– Cords

– Chains

– Electronically motorised

The blinds are mounted using a hard board attached at the top of the window. The cord is placed next to the side of the window. When the cord is pulled, the blinds are folded up in sections. Roman blinds are identical to roller blinds in terms of functionality. In addition to this, they have look fancier and add true value for your home’s interior decorations. They can also mount out of the way from above the window frames to maximise views and can extend them to totally block out glare and create complete privacy. For the safety of your children at home, the breakaway safety tassels are used on all blinds. These blinds are also available in chain control operation for easy use as the standard option. The motorised roman blind system adds total light and shade control at the touch of a button.

Care and Maintenance

Cleaning roman blinds is quite an easy task. Before starting your work, check whether the blinds you are about to clean are washable. There are blinds that are made of fragile material; they have to be dry-cleaned to avoid shrinkage and damage. Roman blinds can be cleaned easily using the following steps..

– Use a vacuum cleaner for dust build up

– Use a damp cloth and fabric cleaner for fabric blinds

– Use a damp cloth and wood compatible cleaner

– Steam cleaner

– Detergent if the blinds are machine washable

Roman blinds are useful for window furnishings as they add luxury look to your home. Install these roman blinds and get a perfect blend of beauty and functionality!
Posted by: Stewart Graham on October 26, 2016, (12:19 PM)