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Soundproof Your Room with Timber Venetian Blinds

Living in a noisy street or next to loud neighbours is frustrating! If you are looking for easy and inexpensive ways to minimise the noise entering your home, window coverings are the right option.

Did you know Venetian blinds are an excellent option to soundproof your home? In addition to adding noise insulation, they also provide light control, privacy control, blocks UV rays, reduces heating and cooling costs, and more. They act as an extra layer to your windows and doors and creates a barrier for sound entering your home. You can install any type of blinds to minimise the noise entering your room, but there are a few blinds with high insulation properties that are better at eliminating noise.

Timber Venetian Blinds

Timber venetian blinds online are a natural insulator with properties that help reduce the level of noise entering your home. Choose an inside mounted timber venetian blinds to remove the gap that allows sound to penetrate. Moreover, timber Venetian blinds come with ‘smart privacy’ slats that offer a tight closure, which in turn helps in reducing the noise level entering room. To increase the soundproofing effect, you can also combine with other window treatment options.

Other Tips to Soundproof Your Home

Even if you install window coverings to minimise the level of noise entering your home, it does not provide a 100% barrier against sound. So, you must combine different soundproofing techniques to increase protection.

  • Seal up cracks and gaps to protect your house from outside noise. You can fill the gaps and cracks with sealants, which you can easily find in local shops.
  • Did you know adding soft furnishings to your home décor can absorb sound? As fabric blinds that absorb sound, furnishings such as lounge suites, rugs, cushions and throws will absorb noise level and minimise sound.
  • Installing double glazed window is also a soundproofing technique but considered expensive. When combined with the right window treatment, it will provide high resistance against sound for years to come.
  • Planting larger trees and hedges creates a natural barrier against sound and block noise entering your home.
  • Cover the walls by hanging artworks or installing shelving filled with books as books can absorb some amount of the sound before they travel through the internal walls.

The Bottom Line

By choosing a window treatment to soundproof your home and combining it with the right soundproofing technique can reduce the level of noise entering your home easily and effectively. Blinds are the best way to soundproof your room! Buy Venetian blinds online, especially the sound reducing timber venetian blinds to create complete soundproofing for your home.