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Simple Guide to Venetian Blinds Mechanism

Your home is your castle. You have designed it to your comfort and likings. Your windows are covered in Venetian blinds. You have the option to choose between hardwood, timber Venetian blinds or PVC Venetian blinds. Whichever material of your blinds, they have a specific mechanism they use.

Now you are still wondering, how do these blinds work? Are they easy to use? Let us explain you the basics.

The basic mechanism of Venetian blinds is hidden, it was probably the reason you have decided for this kind of blinds instead of Roman or Austrian ones. The mechanism is placed behind casings, usually made of metal, plastic or aluminium. Letting you in on the mechanism details, you will get full information and insight on how they work. And it will make your life easier if any operational problems or troubleshooting happen.

The Structure

It is basically just a number of plastic, wooden or aluminium slats. They are pulled up or down by a system consisting of the pulley. This system is placed in the top casing, and the whole structure is attached to your window frame.

Movable slats allow you to open them, or close them completely, or leave them open a bit.

The lock on the cord is called a break. It is also hidden from the plain sight in the upper casing. This is a part allowing your blinds to be pulled up or down, or just to stop and hold them halfway through of covering your window. The bottom casing is actually a weight, so your blinds hold the shape and it is kept in place by two cords.

The Mechanism of Slat Tilt

All the slats have a hole drilled in on both ends, up to 6 inches away from the end. The lifting thread is fit through this hole. The ladder is formed by the threads on the outside together with the linking horizontal thread, which is placed in between of each slat. The tilting wand is connected to the ladder. The wand may be turned clockwise or the opposite way to position the slats in a specific angle.

The Mechanism of the Cord Lock

As mentioned already the break is positioned in the casing. By pulling the cord in front of your timber Venetian blinds, it will hold firmly and allows you to place the slats in a height of your liking. Open the slides completely or just halfway through, or let them down. Holding the cord across your blinds and pulling it gently, the brake will be disengaged and released. So now you can pull up or let down your blinds again freely.

The Safety of the Cord

Keep the cord out of the reach of pets to chew on it or of your children if they are still very small.

They could be trapped in the cord. It is best advised screwing a hook higher on the window frame and securing the loose cord by winding it around it to avoid an accident.

Looking for Venetian blinds online will give you more details on how to use and maintain them to last long.