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How to Use Curtains for Dividing Rooms in your Living Space

The beauty of blackout curtains in Australia has long been underestimated.They can be put to use in a variety of ways other than helping you ward off inquisitive eyes of nosy neighbours and passers-by. They not only give you complete seclusion, but also help you for dividing your living space. Read about how curtains can help you solve your problem of want for space.

Dividing the Living Room

Creating a new wall in the middle of your living room can be a tough proposition when you need to cordon off an area for more space. It can not only be expensive but also impossible due to the structural construction of certain spaces. However, if your living room is big enough to be sectioned off into another room, you can explore the option of using curtains.

You can simply have a rod put in up high and drape some lovely blackout velveteen curtains to part the room in two.

Sectioning off a Basement

Basements are often converted into hobby rooms or even rented out to a friend or relative. What if your basement is one large space big enough to serve both purposes?Separating the space in two by using sliding doors may be tempting but it is sure to cost you a fair bit. Choose the simpler option and buy cheap curtains online in Australiato hang them across the space; this will effectively section the space in two roomy parts.

Such floor length curtains can effortlessly give you the elusive extra room that you always wanted.