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Here are 4 window blinds that beat the Australian heat!

The Australian summer is becoming quite legendary in recent years. As some say, ‘It’s always warm somewhere in Australia!’

As each year sees some of the hottest climates and the highest temperatures ever known, sometimes one is not spared the heat even in the safety of one’s home.

Therefore, the kind of furnishing and insulation that is used inside homes decides whether we are protected from the heat outside. When it comes to windows, the right type of window treatment will make a huge difference in how much of the heat is kept out of the house, and how comfortable it is within. Blinds that are not the right material, or are the wrong size may not be able to properly keep the heat out. Some modern window treatments, when installed properly, can save up to 25% in heating and cooling bills.

So, before you set out to purchase the most suitable set of blinds online, here are a few of the best types that will keep the UV rays and the heat out of your house, and reduce your energy bills:

Roller Blinds

These are one of the simplest types of blinds and a popular window treatment option for many, especially in kitchens. If the roller blinds are made out of performance fabric or a blackout material, it will work quite efficiently in keeping the sun’s heat out. These are more effective than vertical or venetian blinds as roller blinds are essentially a solid sheet of fabric stretched across the window. Roller blinds online usually have a wide range of options in terms of print, material and size.

Roman Shades

Roman shades are slightly different from standard window shades or blinds, as they stack up evenly when being opened. They are also visibly smooth, and are not bumpy or ribbed like vertical blinds. Like roller blinds, they also come in a variety of colours, designs and fabrics. They also have excellent block-out capabilities and create a cool interior.

Vertical Blinds

These are a great option for bathrooms during the most humid months, as they do a great job of keeping the humidity at bay. You can also slant the slats to a 45 degree angle to vent the room, all the while keeping the heat out. When you purchase vertical blinds online, look for materials that are dampness and humidity resistant, so that they continue to effectively keep heat and humidity out in a damp area like your bathroom.

Perfect-fit Blinds

These are blinds that can be fitted or installed onto doors and windows without any drilling or damage done to the window frame. Perfect-fit blinds come in different styles and materials, and are one of the most popular options for keeping the heat out. They also do not have the hassle of blinds that are ill-fitted for the window frame. These blinds come in pleated, roller and Venetian styles; and also in varied colours, patterns and textures.

So, now you have four different choices for the best blinds to use on your windows, come summer! Purchase the perfect set of blinds online, in colours and designs that best suit you taste, and the interior aesthetics of your home.