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Experts Guide: How to Clean Venetian Blinds?

Cleaning plays a crucial role in improving the longevity of blinds. Clean blinds give maximum effectiveness while in use in any setting. Although some people look down on the cleaning of Venetian blinds online, here are some practical skills which will help you to effectively clean them.

Dust should not be tolerated in the Venetian blinds since it can cause malfunctioning of the blinds. Just as others are cleaned blinds should not be overlooked. For effective cleaning of blinds, the amount of dust accumulated between the slats should be considered during the cleaning.

A cotton cloth or glove, duster and vacuum cleaner are some of the tools used in removing dust accumulated between the slats of the blinds. To prevent breaking of the slats, a piece of cotton cloth or duster is used to carefully wipe off dust between the spaces of the slats. A vacuum cleaner can also be used to get rid of the dust between the slats while preventing breakages. The frequency of cleaning blinds also depends on the part of the house where they are located. In areas such as the bathroom and kitchen, the blinds should be cleaned regularly since they tend to accumulate more dirt over a small period of time.

Cleaning of Venetian Blinds

To clean Venetian blinds, here are some tips to facilitate an easy and effective cleaning session. You will require a clean duster or cotton cloth, dust-removing brush, and a multipurpose cleaner. Essential spots of the blind should be identified and cleaned before other parts are tackled. Ideal clothes should be able to attract dust particles between the slats of the blinds. For that case, a microfiber cloth can be used.

Steps to Follow

Lower the blinds to close the slats. Using a piece of cloth, gently wipe off the dust accumulated in the slats. Turn the slats over to facilitate effective cleaning. If you use a vacuum cleaner, ensure the positioning of the nozzle is correct to prevent breakages and grating of the slats. If they have accumulated too much dust in them, it is advised to use a special accessory known as a branched duster. It is capable of squeezing between the slats to provide a perfect clean in all the holes with less effort involved. The procedure is the same when cleaning the wooden blinds and aluminium shutters. Besides perfect maintenance, the cleaning gives the blinds a shine.

Having Clean Blinds is Essential

To prevent too much accumulation of dust in metallic or synthetic blinds, clean them regularly. The process can be made easier by removing the curtains. The most remote corners of the blinds also hide dust hence special care should be taken when cleaning the corners. A damp cloth can be used to clean the corners with more dirt. The cloth should be soaked in a solution of water and a concentrated cleaning gel or detergent. During the cleaning process, the Venetian blinds should be turned over to facilitate cleaning on both sides. Now that you know how to properly maintain them you can buy Venetian blinds online.