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Distinction between Vertical and Venetian blinds

Are you about to buy blinds online? There are two most common blind styles available: Venetian and vertical blinds. They both offer different kinds of benefits to their users and it can be quite hard to choose one type of blind over the other.

If you are in this dilemma, it helps to be able to clearly know the difference between their characteristics. The vertical and Venetian blinds are compared and contrasted here.


Venetian blinds online are made with horizontal slats that are strung together by means of a ladder and pull chords. This string mechanism would allow the owner to have control over the privacy and light control of the blinds, as he can easily adjust the slats with a simple twist or pull of the cord. In case of vertical blinds, the only difference is that the slats run up and down rather than right to left. And the adjustments can be done just as easily. But the light and privacy control is lesser than the venetian blinds as they can part around the walls. Vertical blinds are high suitable for sliding windows because you would not have to life the entire blinds out of the way.


Both the type of blinds remains a popular choice of homeowners when it comes to appearance. Venetian and vertical blinds are available in a variety of shades and materials, and you can easily pick the right one that fits with the d├ęcor and requirements of your space in no time. However, the venetian blinds works better for small rooms, as they can create an illusion of more space with their horizontal slats. Vertical blinds on the other hand, can be used for areas where you want to increase the height of the window and draw attention to it.


Venetian blinds are generally considered to have more strength. However, the quality of the product plays a huge role here. Depending on the cost you have spent, vertical blinds can exhibit high durability. Vertical blinds are more preferred for humid areas than venetian blinds online.

Safety from children and pets

Venetian blinds can be drawn up completely and kept away from the reach of your children and pets. This makes them safer from any accidental physical damages. But the same cannot be said for vertical blinds. If you are set on installing vertical blinds though, you can opt for wooden blinds online as they cannot be easily pulled or broken. But the damaged parts of vertical blinds can be easily replaced.

No matter which type of blind you have chosen, make sure that they have been bought from a credible supplier and installed them well for satisfactory lifespan and functionality.