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Control Privacy for Each room in Your Home with Perfect Window Blinds

Everyone considers friendly neighbours as an asset but no one wants to wave hands on each one passing through the glass while relaxing on couch and munching a chocolate biscuit. Fortunately, there are numerous elegant screening solutions like blinds online to provide privacy in your home without compromising on light or style. Window blinds play a major role in controlling the amount of light entering into your home and provides the right ambiance. So, paying attention to window treatments is the perfect way to control the amount of privacy for each room.

According to a new poll, 97 per cent of adults said they had seen their neighbours in an embarrassing situation. Nearly seven in ten people have seen their neighbours arguing, whereas 42 per cent said they have seen a neighbour crying through their window.

So, when looking for window treatment privacy is a key factor for most people and choosing the perfect roller blinds online enhances the curb appeal of your home.

Degrees of In-home Privacy and What to Consider

Windows and glass doors are the perfect options for letting in more natural light into your home and keeping it warn during freezing weather conditions. But, at the same time, they can also make you feel exposed and vulnerable, especially at night when the lights are on inside. If the family room or kitchen has only a limited privacy, then it’s not an issue but when it comes to private rooms like bedrooms and bathrooms require absolute privacy. Just go outside of your home and peep in through your own windows, you will be shocked by silhouettes or unexpected transparency when the lights are on inside. Considering a lighter or more transparent a fabric or window covering for your room provides less privacy.

Why Window Blinds?

Generally, window blinds serve the following three primary functions;

Light control
Decoration and
But, people don’t give much thought on privacy while purchasing for window blinds online. So, here are a few things to consider while purchasing window blinds for privacy.

Constructed from slats or vane, blinds are generally referred as a hard treatment and are adjusted by a manual pull cord or wand. They are wonderfully adjustable and the slates can be opened or closed for both privacy and light control. They provide an unobstructed view when pulled up and stacked at the top of the window.

Width of the Slat

While purchasing blinds online, the main consideration should be on the width of the slat. The blind slats come in one of three standard sizes: 25mm, 50mm & 63mm. Among these standard sizes, 25 mm slat is the most popular. Window blinds with 25 mm slats are less expensive since they require a less labour to manufacture. The 50 mm slats are widely accepted by people who have a passion for old-fashioned or old-world look and are more suitable for older-style venetian blinds.

The slats of the window blinds can be placed horizontally or vertically and are designed for wide window expanses and sliding glass doors.

Blockout Blinds

If you want to relax and get a good night’s sleep while blocking out the rest of the world, Blockout Blinds are the wise choice!

Blockout blinds offers maximum light blockage and a high level of privacy and are great for nurseries, media rooms, and even bedrooms when you want to sleep in.
Blockout blinds are an economical way to enhance the privacy of any room still upholding a simple, smooth and classic style.

They are highly versatile and come in a diversity of fabrics, colours, textures and patterns giving options to accommodate any home and existing décor design.
The blockout blinds also reduce your energy bills during summer and help protect your carpets and furnishings from fading.

Tips to Choose the Right Blinds

Since, we, Australian buyers are a savvy bunch, here are a few tips to make sure you maximise your investment.

Choose a blind that fits in nicely with the decor and style of your room.

Normally, binds come in a variety of materials and fabrics which can vary in suitability depending on your space. So, choose a blind that suits your living environment like roman blinds, roller blinds for areas exposed to high heat and fauxwood venetians for wet zones.

If you have kids and pets, then choose roller blinds online with child safety features and that requires less maintenance.

Visit to find a window treatment that fits your lifestyle and personality, and offers you a high level of privacy.