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Blinds for Sliding Doors – Roller Blinds, Romans & Panel Glides

When deciding what window coverings for sliding doors are perfect for you, there are a couple of things to consider. First, it’s important to determine what your main concerns are. Privacy? Temperature control? For example, blocking out harsh sunlight is a need for most of us living in Australia.

An excess of UV rays not only can fade your furniture, it can drive up your energy costs. Controlling the temperature in your home can cut costs on energy expenses, while keeping you comfortable at the same time. The best blinds for sliding doors combine convenience of use, privacy for the space, as well as temperature control. When contemplating window treatment options for your sliding doors, consider what type will best compliment your décor, as well as meet your needs for privacy and sunlight protection.

What About Fabric Selection?

No matter what type of window coverings for sliding doors you choose, there are varying fabrics and materials available which offer different levels of light transparency. If your main goal is to shield the hot sun from warming up your interior, choosing a sunscreen fabric is your best option. Sunscreen fabrics allow light in, while screening out unwanted glare and heat. Another advantage is that you can still see the beautiful outdoors through them, as they are transparent in nature.

If you prefer complete privacy and darkness, selecting sliding door blinds which are made of a block out fabric is what you need. Choosing darker, solid colors of sliding door blinds will also help achieve this. You need an opaque fabric, so be sure to look for this feature in the product description. Remember, if you cannot find a style that you like with an opaque fabric, you can always purchase a decorative window treatment to provide an extra layer of coverage.

If you would prefer something in between sunscreen and opaque, choosing a standard fabric is ideal. Standard fabrics are available in a wide range of patterns, textures and colors. Now that you have identified what type of fabric will work best for you, it is time to take a look at three main styles of blinds that are available for sliding doors.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are primarily made from soft, billowy fabrics. They can give any space an elegant, classic feel. When the blind is raised, the panels fold naturally in such a way that the pleated fabric lies luxuriously. They are perfect for homes that feature an upscale décor. Roman blinds are excellent when used for large areas of glass, which makes them ideal for sliding doors. They can be purchased ready-made or can be customized to the exact size that you need. They are simple to operate with their basic pull-cord mechanism.

The main advantage of roman blinds for sliding doors is that they effectively help control room temperatures. This is because they are often made from a thick material. When combined with a reflective backing, roman blinds will deflect heat away from the room. On cold days, roman blinds will also help save energy by keeping the warmth indoors where it belongs.

Roman blinds can provide a highly versatile covering to match a wide variety of décor. They are a great choice for those who are concerned with privacy. For those who want their sliding door area to appear soft and elegant, Roman blinds are a fabulous choice. Roman blinds are often chosen by those who prefer a traditional, contemporary style. They are available in opaque “blockout” fabrics, as well as light filtering fabrics.

Panel Glide Blinds

If your home has a clean and contemporary feel, panel glide blinds may be the best option for your sliding door. They are perfect for accommodating large sliding door areas, because they don’t overpower a room with a complex design. Panel glide blinds have a modern approach in their appearance and design. They have clear, crisp lines with defined boundaries. Panel glide blinds are a modern, upgraded version of the old, traditional “vertical blind”.

Panel blinds for sliding doors are available in various transparencies to accommodate your needs. When the panel blinds are closed, they create a complete fabric screen which covers the window from top to bottom. When you want to see completely out of the window, the panels glide smoothly out of the way along an aluminum track. This is due to their simple design which is easy to operate. When they are open, the panels stack neatly behind each other, taking up only as much space as one of the single panels.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of panel glide blinds is the way they are divided into long, narrow sections. By turning a simple cord-free mechanism, the panel glides open up vertically to let in as much sunlight as you desire. This is a great feature because you can adjust exactly how much privacy and light you want at the moment. Panel blinds also pair nicely with decorative window treatments.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds for sliding doors are another excellent option for those who want a smooth, simple, classic style. Roller blinds provide reliable coverage, with long lasting functionality. The modern versions which are used on sliding doors are designed better than they once were. Roller blinds of today can also be paired with other window treatments.

Roller blinds work well with simple and upscale interiors, depending on the material chosen. A flexible range of color selections and light filtering options are available, so finding some to match your personal taste shouldn’t be an issue. Most are treated with a sun-resistant material which stops the fabric colors from fading over time.

One great benefit of roller blinds is that they fit very closely to the window itself, and do not have excess fabric. They are also available in different levels of transparencies to accommodate your needs. If blocking out sunlight is your main concern, consider the Blockout option. If sun exposure is not a concern, a Light Filter roller blind can provide a subtle, soft covering. These types of roller blinds have two blinds installed on the same bracket. One is a sunscreen blind and the other acts as an opaque blind.

Each type of blind listed above provides the perfect combination of privacy, sun & temperature control, and design. In addition to these options, customers may also consider Blockout Eyelet Curtains. No matter what type of covering for sliding doors you prefer, our team is ready to offer design and fabric options. All of our blinds are made from trusted brands, and are backed by a two year warranty.

Super Blinds Mart has 40 years of experience in the blinds and curtains industry, and we are ready to help you. Why not check out our range of ready made blinds now!