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9 Australian Interior Design Websites We Love

After searching the web for the perfect design blogs, I’ve found numerous Australian interior design websites that caught my eye. Not only are these interior design blogs on trend, but the feature influences from all over the world.

In order to feature a bit of everything, I took numerous factors into account, from website design, personal content, educational and helpful informational posts to pure visual stimulation. When opening the link, the design blog or website really has to lure you in, just like real life homes or products would. Let’s take a look at some of the top notch design and interior websites:

#1 – The Design Files Daily

This website is an absolute visual feast. The web design’s clean approach clearly links with what is trending in the industry. Lucy Feagins is the brains behind the beauty and shares her knowledge and ramblings on everything from interior design to art and illustration. This website is a powerhouse in interior design Australia and has been featured in numerous publications such as The Good Weekend, Real Living Magazine, Urbis, Design Quarterly and more. They also feature a lot of industry insight and interviews with design professionals.


#2 – Interiors Addict

As described by Neale Whitaker from Belle Magazine; “Interiors Addict is an entertaining, well navigated, informed and credible new voice in Australian interior design”. With a background in journalism and editing, Jen Bishop translated her love for design and homewares into this stylish blog packed with interviews, tips, features and visual treats.


#3 – Coastal Style

What I enjoy about the Coastal Style blog is the simplicity of the themed posts. This blog doesn’t try too hard and it’s all about the art, design and products. This interior design website has a travel feel to it, allowing you to escape the mundane and bathe in some artistic goodness. Blog author, Melissah is inspired by her seaside living and invites your on her journey of designer inspiration.


#4 – The Designer Man Cave

Enter some manly décor and design advice! The Designer Man Cave is described as a luxury lifestyle hub to educate men on products, spaces, ideas and interior style in general. Designer, decorator and interior designer, Kate describes her style as hunter-gatherer in nature and tries to inspire men to ‘live, look, work and play like a gentleman’. The website is not only focused on interior design, they have sections for personal style and lifestyle as well, making this a must-view source for individuals with an eye for art.


#5 – Design Hunter

What stood out from this designer-lovers’ dream created by Kim McFayden, is the focus on different design elements and categories. She showcases inspiration from architecture, interiors, landscapes and objects. The blog also has its focus on featuring elements and designs that create warmth and comfort while being sustainable as well.


#6 – The Room Illuminated

What makes this website so unique is the voyeuristic approach to design that Kate Hansen describes on her ‘about me’ page. It’s about being allowed to view beautiful spaces and aesthetics through an ‘internet’ window. Each blog post has a ‘room number’ and it really makes the design display personal. Since the author is also a budding photographer and that creates a perfect visual harmony on the website. I absolutely love the concept and content of this Australian blogger.


#7 – Get In My Home

Author, Emily Osmond really knows how to combine global trends with local products on her interior design blog, Get In My Home. Not only does she give exposure to local artists and creators but she finds a way of marrying what is international with what is local. The blog features what is inspirational to her and through that you will become a visitor in her decorative dream world. Enjoy the personal ride.


#8 – Natural Modern Interiors

For those looking for a more organic look and feel to their design aesthetics; Natural Modern Interiors is the perfect match. Lisa Coulborn likes to educate and inspire designers and homeowners to make use of natural and recycled materials when it comes to decorating their homes. On her website you can view many of these natural, yet modern transformations.


#9 – Style.Life.Home

With over 15 years of experience in fashion and design, Simone Barter is an invaluable resource in the field of interior design. Her natural creative flair is reflected on this blog where she shares numerous décor ideas, DIY projects and posts of everything pretty. I love how practical this blog is and with its clear instructions it makes you feel like you can conquer any design challenge.


What do you think of our list? Let us know! And don’t forget if you’re looking for advice at any stage of your interior design project, reach out to the bloggers above. If you need help with blinds, curtains or other window treatments, please get in touch with us via email, phone 1300 652 027 or take advantage of our live chat feature!