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What are the functional features of wooden Venetian blinds?

Blinds have gained wide popularity in the recent times and are considered as one of the most desirable window dressings.

When you search for blinds online, you may have a variety of choices in colours, designs, materials, etc. If you prefer to go for an eco-friendly option, wooden venetian blinds might be the perfect one for you. The most popular type of wooden blinds is Timber Venetians.

Here are some important features of the wooden blinds that can turn out to be beneficial for you,

  • Wood offers a luxurious and welcoming sight by nature. Other than that, it can match with any room style like modern, contemporary, Victorian, Edwardian, country style and so on. If you paint or light varnish them, you can successfully bring out the beauty of their unique grains. People often choose wooden venetian blinds online, just because of their pleasing appearance.
  • Blinds are manly used for providing a space of privacy for the home-owners and decrease the view from the outside to minimum. Wooden blinds offer ultimate privacy because of their sturdy and solid feature. Therefore, the customers don’t need to worry about subtle lines and shadows being displayed. Despite this feature, they are lighter in weight, than many other materials.
  • They are very durable. Though they don’t weigh much, they are hard enough not to be damaged easily. But they cannot be used in a moist environment like the bathroom as they would warp over time.
  • They offer splendid light control and can completely block out the sunlight and the UV rays when closed fully.
  • They act as great insulators and can save you a lot of money in the heating bills. This feature makes purchasing wooden venetian blinds online, a worthwhile investment.
  • It is very easy to install them. They come in various sizes that fit most of the standard windows. You can also have them custom built if you cannot find the right one that fits perfectly with your window. Then, you can either install them on your own or hire a professional for the job.
  • They can be cleaned without much effort. Most of the other types of blinds need to be taken down for cleaning. On the other hand, wooden blinds can be maintained without taking them down and they have notches instead of holes to hold them together, thus easing the process. Just dust them regularly and wipe them with a damp cloth once in six months.

It’s not hard to find websites that supply wooden venetian blinds of superior qualities. Get quotes and compare the prices before choosing your online retailer.