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Venetian Blinds vs Roller Blinds – A Buyer’s Guide

Which are better for your home – Venetian blinds or roller blinds?

Actually the answer may be both! It will depend on key questions such as where they are to be placed and used. Let’s look at some of the factors involved – then, at the end of the day, it’s up to you to choose.

How important is light to you?

You might want to be able to control the level of light in any room, and at different times of the day or season. If this is a key consideration, then Venetian blinds are likely to win the prize. They are very easy to adjust, allowing the exact level of bright but diffused sunlight you want to enjoy. However, and not just at night, you may want to completely shut out daylight or street lights and have a uniformly dim to dark room. Then roller blinds might top the podium and gain the gold medal. It’s also worth remembering that they don’t only roll downwards, you can find models that work in the opposite direction, and this would help you deal with the next question.

How important is privacy to you?

You might be happy to let the world see how you live, or be in a location where you cannot be overlooked – unless someone floats past in a hot air balloon or invests in a hoist – now these are nosey neighbours! Alternatively, you might need to have adjustable blinds – Venetian again – so that you can set them to allow light in but prevent prying eyes, however casually, from invading your space. They can provide a complete shut-out if you need it, but roller blinds also work at this extreme.

How important is practicality to you?

Whether fitting them yourself, having a friend or partner to provide cheap labour, or going for fully professional installation, you’ll need carefully to consider the space available, the awkwardness of some window shapes, and the ease of fitting. Roller blinds often take up that little bit less space than the Venetian alternative, which tends to be that bit more bulky, whether open or closed. Also, when you pull them up to be fully open, roller blinds will be a snugger space fit than the alternative. You’ll also want to consider whether the window will be opened regularly, and to what extent. Venetian blinds can be more subject to noise pollution on a breezy days, as the wind forces its way through the slats.

How unintentionally destructive are the kids around your home?

Particularly in their own room, it’s likely that Venetian blinds will take more of a bashing than roller, when little hands pull them up or down, which can sometimes be awkward. Also, it won’t take a youngster long to discover the satisfying noise that can be made by drawing a ruler, piece of stick or the like up and down a Venetian blind! Of course, if they already have a drum kit in their bedroom, you probably won’t even notice!

Have you made your mind up yet?

You now have several key questions to consider, and they should help you make a choice. Let’s look at some other plus or minus points about each, as you aim for decision time.

Venetian blinds can be specifically-sized to fit awkward window spaces and special types of windows such as skylights, or set up in pairs (or even trios) for wider window areas. Damage to individual slats can often see them replaced, rather than having to buy a completely new blind. Finally, Venetian blinds are notable dust-gatherers, and need regular cleaning. They are available in a variety of finishes and colours to best suit specific environments from lounge room to kitchen or bathroom.

Roller blinds offer a wider range of fabrics and patterned finishes to enhance the decor of any specific room. With many, a level of light will still automatically pass through, even when they are fully closed, and this can be a factor at times of maximum sunshine, especially say in a nursery where darkness might be a must. Of course, roller blinds using blackout fabric can be found.

And the choice is…

…up to you! This guide should have helped you to consider light, sound, privacy and practicality. Now, it’s up to you to consider each room and its needs. As we said at the start, you might opt for both, to be used in different parts of your home. At least, being as well informed as possible means that a bad decision shouldn’t sneak up on your… blind side. Sorry – bad pun!