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Top mistakes people make when cleaning blinds

Blinds are in direct contact with the surrounding atmosphere and thus become one of the foremost things in your house to get dirty.

Though most online blind retailers offer products that are made to last longer, you cannot retain the way they look and operate over the years without proper maintenance. Rather than whining about how much you have invested on buying blind online, clean your blinds regularly and at the same time do it in the right way. There are few mistakes that you could make when you are cleaning the blinds. They are discussed below,

Making use of harsh chemicals

There are a variety of cleaners available in the market for cleaning blinds online. And it might be tempting to use a bit rough cleaning agent especially if you want to remove some severe stains or scratches. But it is advised not to use such cleaners unless the job is handled by a professional. Or else, you could leave some permanent marks or stains alongside that could ruin the material of the blinds. Hence, use soft cleaners for getting rid of the accumulated dirt at regular intervals to attain ace results. If the blinds require heavy-duty cleaning, hire a professional cleaning service.

Not paying attention to the manufacturer instructions

You would have to use a more careful approach while cleaning certain kinds of blinds than the others. Therefore, you would always be provided with a manual consisting of the cleaning instructions when you buy blinds online. It would clearly describe how to deal with the collected dust, dirt and stains. Also, the permitted cleaning agents used for cleaning the blinds in a safe manner are also included in the manual.

Not testing the effects of a cleaning solution

Most people make the mistake of plunging right into the cleaning process after purchasing a cleaning agent. It is very important to check whether the blinds react well with that particular product. Always apply the cleaning solution to a hidden area and let it rest for some time to see if you have achieved the desired effect. If the area is faded or discoloured, then you need to use a different type of cleaning agent.

Using water excessively

Do not use sponge, rags or wash cloth that are soaked in water when you clean blinds as it can lead to water stains. In case of wooden blinds, too much water can cause warping. In order to avoid this, completely squeeze out the sponge, cloth and rag before using them. Then, do not fail to wipe away the surplus water with a dry cloth or paper towel.

Avoid these blunders and save your blinds from any accidentally damage.