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Tips to clean your wooden Venetian blinds

Wooden or Timber Venetian Blinds are a classy addition to homes as well as office spaces. They are slightly more expensive than the aluminium venetian blinds and must be maintained with utmost care to ensure a long lasting effect.

Here is a list of tips that make cleaning the wooden Venetian blinds easy and efficient.

Never use a detergent to clean the wooden slats

Detergents may contain harsh chemicals that can discolour the blinds and the excessive moisture can warp the wood. Use paper towels or soft fabrics with a good quality wood cleaner for stubborn stains. Each slat of the blinds must be wiped with care and in the case of light cleaning a plain wool duster would do the job.

Avoid dirt by using a fabric softener

This is an easy trick to avoid dirt by cutting out on the build-up of static electricity of the slats. Dab a few drops of fabric softener on a woollen glove and run the fingers through each slat while wearing the glove. This trick removes the dirt and also adds more shine to the blinds. The fabric softener can also be replaced with a tiny bit of oil soap.

Enhance shine using some simple ingredients

Easily available items like olive oil or lemon oil can be mixed with warm water and polished onto the slats for giving it a natural shine and great smell. Non-wax furniture polishes available in the market can also be used for similar results.

Wooden blinds attract more dirt than the metal or plastic ones and must therefore be cleaned more frequently.