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Three Ways to Beautify Blinds

Since the past few years, the topic of which blinds to buy has been carefully tucked away by home improvement websites. Does no one want to talk about blinds?! Or, do most home owners feel that their homes don’t need blinds? What can we do to help the home owner who’s looking to buy cheap blinds online in Australia? Do we tell them to choose vertical blinds or wooden venetian blinds 50mm?

Blinds can offer what curtains cannot – complete privacy, ease of cleaning, blocking sound and light, and melding so inconspicuously that they look perfect with just about anything. But as home owners, we always want to make sure that our homes look beautiful and blinds cannot be excused.

So, here are three ways you can make blinds look beautiful.

Adding a valance:

You can find curtain valances in just about any home goods store, or even your local super store. Curtain valances come in many styles and colours so it’s easy to find one that goes well with the colour palette you have for the room.

Just make sure the valances you buy aren’t the clunky style of the 50’s. Go for pastel shades and eyelet styles.

Add string lights:

String lights can add an extra oomph to your blinds, especially if used in a kid’s room or even a teenage girl’s room. You can use them in the living room as well. Just hang the string lights to go over the sides of the window where the blinds are.

Don’t choose Christmas lights for this. Make sure you buy string lights that are specifically designed to be used indoors.

Buying great looking blinds:

Before you start to look for venetian blinds online in Australia, make sure you buy blinds that perfectly encapsulate your style. For example, don’t choose chunky looking blinds if you love a minimalistic style.