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Three Much-Loved Window Covering Ideas you can adopt

At the time of renovating or doing up the interiors folks are always on the lookout for fine window treatments for their living space. With the lively designs in blinds available today, every window can be festooned with a covering that beautifies your home while beckoning to sunbeams and shunning snooping eyes.

Simple Yet Classic White Vertical Blinds

You can utilise simple 50mm PVC venetian blindsto create a cool ambiance by simply letting the posh interiors take over. This scheme is ideal for homes that are decorated with bold colours, as they need an element of white to proffer a breath of fresh air.

The Luxurious Folds of Silky Curtains

If you have opted for pristine white interiors that have a few spots of color, you can opt for bold curtains with a silky texture. Cascading teal or turquoise curtains on windows next to a dining table exemplify luxury at its best. Feel free to explore long curtains that are fashioned from unusual fabrics as well.

The Rustic Beauty of Timber Blinds

Stepping away from pristine whites, you can opt for a startlingly rustic theme with wooden venetian blinds of 50mm.These look even better if you opt for cane furniture or wooden foot stools with soft brown or tropical green linen around the house.

These window coverings allow you to achieve functionality with elegance taking the splendour of your interiors to a whole new level