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Things to consider before getting a venetian blind

Venetian blinds are very popular and are widely preferred over the other types of blinds. It is a very stylish and attractive window dressing option, and it has elegant appearance and useful functions.

However, getting the right venetian blind that is suitable for your place can be challenging. Here are few things you need to consider before getting a venetian blind,


While buying blinds, choose a proper fabric with the right colours and textures as it is very important to create a pleasant and harmonious surrounding. Material plays a major role in determining the look and the functions of a blind.

They add a touch of class to any room. They are very good at blocking light and this makes it suitable for customers who need sleep during daytime or for those who have street lights closer to their bedroom. However, it is advised not to use them for bathrooms as the wood may warp and become mould- ridden.

It has a sleek metallic finish and it provides a great addition to any workplace. They last longer and are easy to maintain. They give a chill mood to the surrounding and are not usually preferred for living rooms and bedrooms.

If you are in need of a simple and practical decor, then a PVC blind is the right choice for you. All the materials mentioned above gives you a complete control over the amount of light entering the room.


Majority of retailers who sell blinds online, offer “made to measure” option for their customers. By this option you can get the blinds that fit perfectly with your windows. Still, taking a correct measurement of the windows is very crucial. It is very important not to take measurements longer than the actual size of the widow or else the blinds may scrap the walls whenever it is raised or lowered.


It is essential to observe safety after the installation of a venetian blind. The cords that are attached to the blind are very dangerous especially when there are small children in the house. These cords must be placed away from their reach because it can cause strangulation. It is recommended to move any furniture that is near enough to give them access to the cords and chains. It is better to attach a fastener to the side of the window which can secure the cord when the blind is raised.

If the measurements are made right, a venetian blind can be installed quickly within your budget. There are extensive ranges of blinds available in the market and it is not very difficult to choose the right Venetian blind once you know exactly what you want.