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The difference between curtains, shades, blinds and drapes

For window coverings, there are many options to pick from. Choosing one can be mind boggling.

The worst part is even interior designers get confused and interchanges curtains for drapes and blinds online for shades as though they were the same thing.

All these can serve the same purpose of light regulation and decoration but they have different specs that are distinct to each one of them. This article will remove the cloudiness on the differences available.

About Curtains

These are fabrics that usually come in pairs. Buying curtains online you will find different lengths, fabrics, colours, widths, and patterns for your home. Many people accent curtains in their homes and use them even in kitchens and bathrooms. In most occasions, you would choose curtains for the bedrooms because they are much lighter and yet guarantees your privacy. They can filter in some light and will not keep you in total darkness.

You can choose where you want them hanging. The hanging choices include decorative and plain. The examples are fabric rings or sleeves and metal or metal grommets. You make choices depending on how you want and where you want to hang them.

Utilise multicolour eyelet curtains to brighten your space or create contrast. Sheer curtains add sleekness and femininity to your house.

About Drapes

You can refer to them as draperies. They also come in pairs and are made of fabric just like curtains. You can buy them online just like blinds online. The materials used to make them are heavy which doesn’t allow light through making them suitable for bedrooms for a cosy sleep even during the day.

They are made long enough to puddle on the floor at the window. Velvet, silk, and damask are some of the materials that are used to make them which will most often not include patterns. However, they come in different colors and styles.

Also, grommets, hooks, rings, rods, and sleeves are where they hang by their pleats.

About Shades

When you search for blinds online you won’t miss one or two shades included in the list. Unlike curtains or drapes, they are lifted by use of a roller, cord or any other lifting material. They roll to be lifted or lowered and hence their name.

They come in different patterns and colours to meet your decorative idea achieving both casual and formal ideas. In most cases, people use them under curtains to improve their appeal and texture.

About Blinds

Blinds online like shades use the lifting mechanism and yet use it only when you want to access the window. To allow or prevent light they utilise slats that are made from different materials like aluminium, bamboo, vinyl, and wood that is tilted to let light through.

The slats come in different measurements, colours, and patterns. They can be measured to fit in various window frames. They are very effective when it comes to blocking light. If you wish to soften their sturdy appearance you can use them together with sheer curtains.

Commonly, those with horizontal slats are popular but you can get blinds online that have vertical slats.