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Seven Common Questions about Venetian Blinds Answered

Venetian blinds have been a popular embellishment in homes for many centuries. They were first made in Europe by Venetian traders and their popularity slowly entered into the other continents too. Today, venetian blinds are a classic addition to homes, offices, cafes, restaurants and a number of other classy locations.

This article will focus on clearing some of the common queries and doubts about the Venetian blinds.

1. Are venetian blinds attractive enough for hallways and drawing rooms?

Yes in fact! Venetian blinds are available in different colours and styles thus allowing the users to pick the most suitable blinds based on their existing d├ęcor. Venetian blinds can also be mounted behind other types of highly ornamental curtain thus offering a more enhanced look for the room. While the curtain takes care of the visual appeal, the venetian blinds stand strong by the real purpose of installing blinds. However, in many offices and homes, stand-alone venetian blinds have proved to be a good enough option.

2. Some say that venetian blind are ideal ONLY for drawing rooms and office spaces. Is it true?

No. Venetian blinds can be used in drawing rooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, conference rooms, and class rooms and so on. The key lies in picking up the right material of the Venetian blind for a particular location. For instance, if you are looking at mounting the Venetian blinds for rooms that are prone to high humidity like the kitchen and the bath room, you are better off choosing the ones made from PVC rather than timber or any other wood. Timber venetian blinds look very professional and are a perfect match for vintage homes or office spaces.

3. Do Venetian Blinds come in different types?

Based on the constituent material, venetian blinds can be divided into three main types, Metal Venetian Blinds, PVC Venetian Blinds and Wooden Venetian Blinds. Each type has a well-defined set of features and is a perfect match to the different parts of the home or office. Lately, among the huge variety of metal venetian blind models, users seem to frequently choose aluminium venetian blinds online. The affordable price, the stylish looks and their resistance to humidity are often quoted as the reasons behind the popularity of the aluminium venetian blinds online.

4. What are the other benefits of aluminium venetian blinds?

Aluminium venetian blinds are the most durable ones and their strength is influenced by the thickness of the blind slat. Obviously, the thicker the slat, the stronger is the venetian blind. Since they are not affected by moisture, they are very easy to maintain. However, the same cannot be said about timber blinds. They are easy to handle and light in weight too. Installation of the aluminium venetian blinds is also easy and they are second to none in controlling the light settings in a room.

5. Aluminium venetian blinds seem great! However, why do some people choose the relatively high-priced timber venetian blinds in some cases?

Firstly, it is a matter of choice! Wood or timber venetian blinds offer more colour options and complement rooms with extensive furniture settings better. Also most importantly, they are better regulators of heat that the aluminium Venetian blinds. Above all, some people simply love the finish of the timber blinds better than the other options. It is important to understand that this does not push the aluminium venetian blinds to the sideline.

6. Is it a good choice to buy venetian blinds online?

In the digital era, one can certainly find better options with better prices while shopping for venetian blinds online. However, there are some factors to focus upon before making an online purchase. The buyer must ensure that the chosen company can promise the highest quality and backup their word with 1-2 years of warranty. The company must be able to offer plenty of options in terms of colour, sizes and patterns for aluminium venetian blinds, PVC venetians blinds as well as the timber ones. Buyers are recommended to perform a thorough research before choosing a company.

7. Can Venetian blinds help create different types of atmospheres based on the place there are installed?

Yes. The versatility of the Venetian blind often leaves the user in awe. For instance, a simple aluminium venetian blinds with a remote control is sufficient to make a place look professional. The wooden ones are so classy and can be used almost anywhere. In general, the venetian blinds blend beautifully into any type of ambience.