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Quick Guide: How to Choose Blinds for Large Windows

Large windows have a unique appeal as they let in more natural light and offer you a wide view of the great outdoors. They give you a blissful feeling of being inside all while still enjoying the outdoors.

However, when the night time comes or when you would like to have privacy during the day, you will need blinds. It may not be easy picking out the right blinds online that will blend with the large window design and your home décor. The addition of the best quality, custom-measured blinds will complement the home décor while ensuring the privacy you need.

What You Need to Keep in Mind

Whether you are buying blinds online or going to an actual shop to choose them, there is always the fact that blinds are both functional and aesthetic accessories for the home. You need something that will effectively provide shade from direct sunlight when needed and give you the degree of privacy you need, but at the same time, it has to add to the beauty of the room. So choose wisely when you buy blinds online.

Blinds for a Single Large Window

If the window runs from top to bottom or stretches right up to the doors, the best fit would be vertical blinds online. They can run right from where the window touches the ceiling and then meet the floor without dragging on it. When you want the sunlight, vertical blinds can be pulled to the side and they will not cause too much obstruction where they gather at the side. The colour is really a personal choice so you can go with whatever you are comfortable with or what depicts your character.

Consecutive Window Blinds

When you have more than one large window in close succession, you have the opportunity to play about with colours. Each window could have its own colour blind which is likely to attract attention. Having separate blinds also gives you flexibility in use as you can close one and open the other to play with the light in the room. The choices are plenty — for instance, roman blinds can create elegance, wooden blinds are stylish and roller blinds are functional and look good.

Complement the Blinds

It is also possible to have curtains complement the blinds. Curtains offer a variety of designs and styles so you could have them hanging on both sides of the wide window just for aesthetic effect while the blinds do the functional part of controlling light and giving privacy. Curtains are appropriate for living rooms in traditionally decorated homes.

There are a number of options when it comes to blinds for large windows. The most common are the vertical ones. There are a lot of orders for vertical blinds online, but you do not have to restrict yourself to these, experiment with the different styles suggested here. Figure out how you want to use the blinds online and then make the order.