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Maintenance tips for residential venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are great for your home both in terms of looks and functionality. But some people choose to avoid them outright while shopping for blinds online because they believe that it is difficult to wash them because of the large number of slats.

Also, venetian blinds attract a lot of dust and grime, which makes it important to clean them regularly. Here are some cleaning tips for those who are considering to buy venetian blinds online & to let them know what to expect and for users who have installed it already, to clean them effectively,

General cleaning

If you regularly clean the blinds by using some basic methods, you can avoid deep cleaning more frequently. Here are some tips to achieve it without much effort,

  • The simplest procedure is to use a duster to get rid of the accumulated dust. But it cannot be as effective as using a dry cloth to wipe each slat separately. You can also use old socks, dryer wipes, and cotton materials for this purpose.
  • If there are any stains present, you can make use of water or cleaning solutions to remove them.
  • Special cleaning sprays that claim to make the blinds dust-repellent are available in the market.
  • You can also vacuum clean the slats with an upholstery attachment specially made for blinds. But make sure that the suction is not too strong to avoid damaging the nozzles.
  • Use two separate cloths for applying cleaning solution and wiping so that the dirt or stain would not spread to the other slats.

Deep cleaning

Any venetian blind that needs occasional deep scrubs to remove dirt from the hard-to-reach places such as tapes, cords and other areas where light cleaning is ineffective, here are a few ways

  • Initially you would need to take down the blinds from the windows. Then fill the bath with water and pour suitable cleaning solution. When you soak the blinds in this solution, most of the dust, grease and grime would be lifted off.
  • Next, use a brush to scrub the slats gently on both sides and rinse the blinds.
  • Make sure to dry them properly before fitting them back to avoid mould formation. You can use tarpaulin sheet or blanket to clean them outdoors, if your bath is too small for the blinds or you don’t have one.


If you have purchased wooden venetian blinds online, the timber can absorb the water and can warp when they dry. Water is also not good for the stains present in the wooden blinds. Therefore, it is best to follow the instruction manual carefully and see what they recommend before cleaning your blinds.