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Key Things to Remember When Ordering a Readymade Curtain Online

Curtains play a significant role in enhancing the looks of any room. While custom made curtains may be slightly expensive, the readymade ones are affordable, attractive and functional too. However while ordering readymade curtains online; homeowners must remember certain key parameters in order to get the best results.

Get the exact measurements of the window

A perfectly fitting readymade curtain gives a more complete look to the room. Readymade curtains cater to most sizes of windows and by obtaining the exact measurement beforehand; the match can be made easily. If the exact size in unavailable then opt for the next bigger size to get the windows fully covered.

Choose colours and patterns that complement the existing décor

Unless you intend to redesign the room completely, it is important for the curtains to weave into the existing design seamlessly. Focus on the fabric, texture, type and colours of the curtains and ensure they match the theme of the room.

Compare prices

Readymade curtains are reasonably priced and are much cheaper than the custom made ones. Shop around for good price deals and compare prices between the different types of readymade curtains to stick to your budget.

Understand the return/refund policy of the seller

The chance of making a wrong match is not zilch and therefore it is recommended to check for the seller’s product return policy before buying curtains online. Ensure that the seller offers free returns within a stipulated time period from the date of purchase.