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Incredible tips to pair blinds with curtains

It can be hard to decide whether to have curtains or blinds in your home. Though blinds are better than curtains in various aspects, curtains have some distinct attributes that makes a room look truly exceptional.

Thus, many people now prefer to buy a combination of both curtains and blinds online and get the best of both options. By installing them together, it is easy to add great style and personality to any room. However, you need to follow some guidelines in order to obtain the desired effect. They are given below.

Firstly, choose the blinds

When you are combining curtains and blinds, it is recommended to pick the type of blind first. People commonly choose roller blinds or venetian blinds online, as they can be easily matched with curtains and provide a base colour to start with. Then they choose the colour of the curtains depending on that. You can either pick bold colours that contrast the blinds and attract the attention of others or neutral colours that works well with most blind styles.

Do not match patterns with patterns

You might have an interest in textures and colours, but combining a patterned blind with a patterned curtain would become an aesthetic disaster, especially in smaller rooms. The ideal way to do this is choosing a single-coloured blind and displaying your passion for textures and colours with patterned draperies.

Add accessories

There are a variety of accessories available for curtains and blinds online. However, do not go overboard with them. When you have natural looking blinds like wood, using massive metal holdings and tiebacks with loosely hanging threads might look ungainly.

Select different types of curtains for your house

It might be less troublesome to fit the same type of curtain across the entire house. But it is not just right to have the same set of curtains for both your home office and kid’s bedroom. These rooms need to exhibit a different atmosphere. So, make sure that the window dressing matches with the atmosphere you want to build on that particular room. In this way, you can also set the right tone of natural light at different regions in your house.

Pick the right rod colour

When you pick curtains and blinds online, make sure that the rod colour complements them both. Shiny or brightly coloured rods can be overwhelming. Instead, choose a matte finished rod that could work well with both the curtains and blinds. It doesn’t have to be a perfect match, but something that displays the same modulation and maintain consistency.

With the right selection of blinds and curtains, you can get a perfect finish for your window.