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Important points to be considered while cleaning the Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds help to protect the family and furniture against harmful UV rays. It has become easy to buy vertical blinds online.

After buying and installing, they need to be maintained properly. For this, proper cleaning is required to remove any kind of dirt or dust particles. Special attention should be paid to small details while cleaning these blinds.

Use warm instead of hot water

Usage of hot water can melt the glue that is used to keep the blinds hanging properly. This can unravel the fold and expose the weight. However, no such issues occur with warm water and it also acts as a stain remover.

Natural drying

Subjecting the blinds to a dryer can cause problems due to exposure with heat. It might lead to full shrinking or shrinking at different places at varying level.

Do not hang

In case these blinds do not get dried easily, hanging them should not be an option. While hanging, difference in moisture leads to stretches at various locations and to varying degrees. Cleaning of these blinds can be done on towels, by leaving them there till they get dry. Thus, they will dry up easily and won’t be damaged.

Vacuum cleaners can be used for cleaning the blinds. They are a safer option with no tension of excessive heating, etc. With vacuum cleaners, weekly cleaning can be made possible. In case of any doubts, the dealership or manufacturer can be consulted for some advice. Taking proper care of the vertical blinds can help in increasing their life span.