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How To Measure The Right Size For Buying Readymade Curtains Online?

Buying readymade curtains online does not have to be a big task if you are well-aware of all the information you need before you start shopping. The eyelet curtains are extremely popular, easily available online and can be fitted in absolutely no time! In order to ensure that your curtains will fit your windows perfectly, we bring you some helpful tips on how to get the perfect measurement:

1. Curtain Pole – Before you take measurements, ensure that your curtain pole is fixed and is bigger by 15-20 cm on either side of your window. This will ensure that when you open your curtains, all light comes in and none is obstructed. The pole should be around 15 cm above your window, so that maximum light is kept out when your curtains are closed.

2. Width – In order to get an accurate measurement, it is best to use a wooden ruler or a metal tape. Measure the complete length of the pole using the ruler. You need not count the finials but account for the overlapping mid-point where you will draw the curtains to close.

3. Length – When buying eyelet, you must measure the drop of your curtain starting from the top of the pole. Make sure that the curtain doesn’t fall short at the bottom

Remember to measure 1 cm above the window sill and 1 cm below for a good fit. If you are using floor-sized curtains, measure till 1 cm above the floor to get a nice and clean finish. Once you have made the right measurements, buying readymade curtains online will be an easy and simple task. You can choose from a variety of designs, colours and materials and pick one that suits your room décor the best!s