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How to Keep Your Venetian Blinds Clean

Most people agree that venetian blinds are designed to improve the functionality and bring in more privacy to your home. These are one among the best window coverings to be installed in our home or office environment. We all want to keep our home neat and tidy to enjoy a pleasant environment. But we often forget to clean blinds in our busy schedule. It’s easier to clean venetian blinds without taking them down. Due to the larger number of slats, it is difficult to clean them individually.

Venetian blinds online comes in a range of different materials including plywood (synthetic), metal and wooden (timber). No matter which type of style you have, they attract dust and need regular care.

Here are some of the useful instructions on how to clean your venetian blinds on a daily basis.

Equipment needed:

– Vacuum cleaner

– Sponge or a soft cleansing brush or a fluffy duster

– A mild detergent like dish wash bar
Cleaning your venetian online blinds includes certain types of cleaning processes and they are listed below..

Vacuum cleaning

– Close the slats on your blinds and make them as flat as possible.

– Attach the brush accessory to the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner. Do not use the nozzle without the attachment, as it may cause scratches in the slats accidentally.

– Make sure that the suction is not too strong, as the vacuum may lure the slats down the nozzle folding and can damage them.

– If the suction level of your machine is adjustable, then first start from the lowest level and then slowly increase it until you get the best result without damaging the slats.

– When you vacuum, hold the blinds tightly to prevent it from banging.

– Slowly vacuum from the Centre and move outwards, both right and left.

– Once completed cleaning one side of the window coverings, open the slats and shut it on the other way. Now, you can clean the underside of the blinds using the same technique.

Hand cleaning using spray

– Close and make the slats flat as much as possible.

– By using a good soft cloth or fluffy duster, dust the dirt thoroughly.

– Using natural surface cleaner, spray on to the slats focusing on any sticky areas, stains and splatters.

– For plywood or metallic slats, you can use a lightly dampened cloth (dampen using water or non-sticky cleaning spray).

– Tilt your blinds all the way closed and run the cloth gently & carefully over the slat.

Hope, you find these cleaning tips for venetian blinds helpful. Good luck for cleaning your blinds in safe manner and don’t forget to clean both sides of the slats at the same time.