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How to clean Venetian blinds the easy way

Venetian blinds make great window coverings for privacy, energy conservation, and aesthetics. Still, no matter how practical and pretty they are, it’s hard to ignore all the dust they accumulate! There’s something about those tiny little slats that seem to attract dust and grime.

The problem with trying to clean them is that they can be very fragile. If you’re too rough with them, they’ll break. Also, you can’t just run a duster over the slats. For them to truly get clean, they need individual attention.

Who has time for that? Maybe they’ll get a quick brush-down during spring cleaning, but besides that, many people with venetian blinds just don’t deal with it. There’s a better way to clean your blinds without spending all day on it.

Routine Dusting with a Vacuum

To save time, use a vacuum cleaner with a gentle attachment. Carefully run the vacuum cleaner over every slat. If your blinds are grimy, it may seem like you’re not making any progress with this. You are! You need to get rid of any dust that is able to come off.

If your blinds are fairly new, they may not need much work. If you’re satisfied with the cleanliness of your blinds at this point, you’re done! If you don’t want to have to do anything more than run a vacuum cleaner over them, keep doing it once or twice a month. It’s the dust build up that needs a deeper clean.

Need a Deeper Clean? Put Your Blinds in the Bathtub!

After you have removed the loose dust with a vacuum, you can move onto the next step. You’ll need a bathtub and detergent. You’ll also need whatever tools your blinds require to be removed from the window.

Remove the blinds. Usually, this is done by sliding out a little plastic panel that holds the rod in place, then gently pulling the rod towards you. Make sure you follow the instructions that came with them if you’re in doubt. Never force anything unless you’re sure of what you’re doing. Broken rods usually mean that you’ll need to replace the whole blind.

Bring the blinds to the bathtub very carefully. They can easily get tangled or damaged. Fold them carefully in the tub. If you have a removable shower head, spray them down first and let the water run into the drain. Then, fill the tub with warm water and add cleaning detergent. Some sources suggest using bleach.2 Bleach may cause uneven discolouring or eat away at the cords, so it is best not to use. Remember, never mix chemicals.

The blinds can sit anywhere from 30 minutes to a day. It’s up to your time schedule and how dirty they are. The water shouldn’t be overly dirty. If the water is too dirty, drain the tub and spray the blinds again until the water going down the drain is mostly clear. It doesn’t do any good to let your blinds soak in filthy water. When you’re satisfied with how long they’ve soaked, drain the water.

This part is very important. You must rinse them off. Your detergent will likely leave a film even if you can’t see it. You don’t want to put them back up dirtier than when you started! Rinse them, and rinse them again.

Drying is also important. Water, even clean water, can leave spots if it’s not dried with a towel. Lay them down on a dry towel. Use another, smaller towel and run it through each slat. Turn the blind over and dry the other side.

Here’s the fun part. Take your sparkling-clean blinds and install them back on your window. Make sure you call some friends over to show them off!

Maintain You Clean Blinds

If you don’t want to have to deep clean your blinds again, use the vacuum cleaner method. Do that at least once a month. It only takes a few minutes, but the results are beautiful, dust-free venetian blinds that you don’t have to spend all day cleaning.