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How to Blend Curtains with Blinds?

It is a fact that the right blinds and curtains play an important role in the décor of your house. But some don’t feel sure about blending them together. They usually consult their interior decorators about the effect of blending curtains and blinds.

Though these two can be blended, there are certain guidelines which must be followed. Following these guidelines will ensure an amazing décor for your home as well as privacy control and light blocking. You can order blinds online if you are planning to introduce them in your house. Some of these guidelines are given below.

Don’t Blend Two Prints

If you like prints and are planning to introduce them in your décor, don’t pair printed curtains with printed blinds. The blinds and curtains blend best when one of them is printed and the other one is plain. If you have a small space, the printed blinds and printed curtains will look quite overwhelming. The best scenario will be plain blinds having solid colours and the curtains having prints on them. It will also give an artistic look to your room.

Select the Kind of Blinds

It is advised that if you are planning to match curtains with blinds, select the kind of blind first. Some of the most popular blinds are Venetian blinds and roller blinds. The fabric and colour of the blinds should be selected carefully to pair them well with the drapes. The most common blind materials are aluminium and timber. Timber blinds give a natural look and give warm feeling when paired with a similar sort of curtains.

Select Accessories Accordingly

The pairing of blinds online and curtains positively affect your style statement. But you have to choose such accessories which compliment this style statement. For example, you should carefully choose metal decoration pieces, tiebacks and pelmets so they didn’t look awkward. But try to avoid tiebacks with tassels, especially if your blinds are made of timber. They will look fancy in an otherwise natural theme.

Give Your Room a Spacious Look

If you are going to blend curtains with blinds, it is a fact that your windows will seem larger. Thus, if you have a small house, you can make its perception big by pairing blinds with curtains. As a result, the ceiling will also look taller than its actual size.

Choose Different Curtains Across the House

If you are styling your house aesthetically, don’t use the same curtains across the house. Everyone has different tastes. Thus, each room should be styled differently. Play with the colours and different themes in different rooms. If you are considering to blend curtains and blinds, do so in a different style in each room.

Style With Comfort

While pairing blinds with curtains, keep in mind that this should give an overall comfortable and cosy look. For this purpose, you could place blinds beneath the curtains. Roman blinds are ideal for a comfortable look. The curtains can be bonded, texture or sheer. If you are using Roman blinds, they will best suit with linen sheers. They will give your room a simplified and relaxed look. You can also order Venetian blinds online if you are going to style your home in a classic style.