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Dress Up Your Bay Windows with Something Stunning to Give an Elegant Look

Bay windows are beautiful, challenging and lovely! If furnished properly, bay windows bring depth and appeal to a room or corridor and have the capacity of actually give your room a dazzling shine. But, ordering blinds online for these windows can be quiet intimidating because these windows come in a variety of angular spaces. In this article, we can go through different window treatment options available for bay windows and the considerations for measuring blinds for bay windows.

Different Types of Window Treatment Options for Bay Windows

Roman Blinds

Roman window blinds online are considered to be the best option for bay windows because of its classical look and elegant style. These blinds are mostly of traditional styles and are available in huge varieties of patterns, prints and colours. From light and summery to thick and cosy, roman blinds provide a neat and tidy look when opened or lowered. Fitting on blind per window panel, allows them to follow the shape of the bay window and enables excellent control over light and privacy.

Roller Blinds

If you don’t have enough stacking space for roman blinds the choose roller blinds. Roller blinds are easy to use and are available in a variety of patterns, prints and colours. This window blinds greater view outside and its compact design takes up only a minimal space.

Tips to Measure Blinds for Bay Windows

For bay windows, measurements are always an important part of the process since the windows are at different angles with each other. The following measurements should be taken into consideration when purchasing a roller blind online.


There are three different ways in which you can hand blinds in a bay window. This includes,

An inside mount
An outside mount
Measurement for Inside Mount
For the inside mount, firstly, you have to check whether your window has the enough depth to fit your blind by measuring from back to front. Then, compare this with the minimum fully recessed depth value of the blinds. The depth measure should be equal to or greater than this value to mount your blinds with the window frame.

Measurement for Inside Mount and Outside Mount

Here, the things will get a little tricky. For inside mount and outside mount, check your windows depth first. This measurement helps you to decide on how your window treatment will be mounted, and what types of products will fit. Also, measure the headrail depth to find the collision point. Once you have found out the collision point then go on with measuring the window width, and length of your bay windows. When purchasing a window blind, consider the narrowest width, and the longest height.

Materials for Rollers Blinds Online

Roller blinds are the stylish alternatives to curtains and can enlighten any room through the use of colour, design, texture and material. Once you decide on the size of the roller blinds, then it’s the time to decide on the fabric type. Here we’ve listed as few materials for roller blinds based on the level of transparency they offer.

Lined blockout blinds can enlighten any room through the use of colour, design, texture and material. They usually come in plain colours without images and patterns on it. The blocks out harmful UV rays entering into your room.

Semi-block out ranges is not transparent but still allows a little amount of light to enter through the window. This type of material is not suitable for bedrooms especially during the day.
Unlike lined and semi-bock out ranges, translucent are completely see through and allow you to see through during the day and during the evening you will be able to see in from the outside. They offer a degree of UV protection and are not suitable for bathroom and bedroom.

Semi-translucent blind material is a combination of translucent and semi-blockout material and enables you to see through parts of the blind and not on others. These materials always come with some sort of image or pattern on it.

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