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Bright and Cheerful Coverings for your Kitchen Windows

Finding the perfect window coverings for your kitchen can be a tough task, as the area emits a lot of smoke and fumes. No one wants to undertake more cleaning and washing than they can help; which is a downside of opting for fabric that has extensive care instructions. Take a look at some interesting and cheerful window covering preferences that you can bring home to light up your galley.

Bright Curtains in Dazzling Hues

White shades are best avoided as they can easily stain with a splash or coffee or a spurt of curry. Instead, you can opt for pretty curtains in shades of pale yellow, deep red or even blue. Picking out shorter fabric for galleys that house a single small glass pane would be ideal. Whereas, you can buy cheap curtains online in Australia that are floor length for kitchens that happen to have attractive French windows.

Custom Drapes or Convenient Blinds

Personalised drapes are quite in vogue and adopted by many homes across the country. They can have various phrases like ‘Bon Appetit’ or pictures of food such as a fruit basket imprinted on them. However, these may require a detailed sprucing routine like a weekly hand wash. There are simpler options for those interested in straightforward window treatments. Purchasing cheap blinds in Australia is advised as they are require very little sprucing and absolutely no washing.

Furthermore, you can let your kitchen décor and wallpaper dictate the color of the curtains or blinds you choose for a divine contrast.