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Brief Guide: How to Use Venetian Blinds?

A sophisticated and durable blinds solution for your home is the installation and the use of Venetian blinds. You have a lot of options like the aluminium Venetian blinds or the wooden Venetian blinds to fit the design of your home.

There are really just some minor issues when using them.

Lopsided Cords

To use your aluminium Venetian blinds daily and comfortably, the cords on the blinds must be fully functional. Sometimes if we are not careful enough, and the cord will be lopsided, even tilted.

You need to cut off all the knots on the cord and remove it. The tilt cord is not connected with the cord to lift. Just take out the old cord, and start adding and threading the new one at one end over the pulley. It needs to come out all the way over the other side of the pulley. The ends of the cord need to be knotted, so they are able to hold the pulls.

The Cleaning of Venetian Blinds

All home items need some maintenance and the easiest way is to clean them regularly.

In the case of Venetian blinds, the parts to be carefully cleaned are the slats, the ladder tapes should be removed if damaged.

The best way to clean them is to lay them on a flat surface, like a kitchen counter or office desk.

Untying both ends of the cord and pulling it out makes the slats to flatten out. If the dirt on the slats is hard, dried out, take them out carefully and dip them in a mixture of warm water and detergent. After some time of soaking, take them off the bath, rinse and dry them completely.

To replace the tapes you need to unhook the old ones on both sides, and hooking the new tapes up.

All the tapes have strips or ladders, which are connected front and back as to allow alternating the sides. A new cord must be placed in the middle of the new tape so the ladders are in place on alternating sides. If there is a long cord remaining, just cut it off. Do not forget to knot both ends of the cord and secure it at the bottom rail of the blinds. Equaliser clip needs to be slipped on the cord or even installing a brand new tilt cord may be required.

If you are sure, all parts were installed correctly, hang your Venetian blinds back on the window.

If there is still some dust or dry dirt seen, use your vacuum cleaner or using a soft whipping cloth is also an option. If you have more questions about the maintenance, just look for Venetian blinds online experts to get help.