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Blinds for Bifold Doors – Why Roller Blinds are Best

If you’re considering blinds for bifold doors in your home, have you thought about roller blinds as an option? These window treatments are available in a number of decorative colours and fabrics with multiple sizes to accommodate almost any bifold door opening. Roller blinds are a cost effective, tasteful way to solve a typical decorating dilemma.

Key Benefits

Sturdy construction – Utilizes innovative UV treated fabrics, heavy duty aluminium reinforcement, a chain tension mechanism, and child safety features.

Easy operation – A simplified system that can be operated with the flick of a wrist or the push of a button.

Quick, simple installation – Blinds come complete with simple instructions, mounting brackets, and installation screws. Or have a professional installer do it for you.

Affordability – Roller blinds for bifold doors are by far the most economic choice. With easy operation and reinforced construction, these door coverings are the best solution to an array of household decorating dilemmas.


Décor Options

Colour-coordinated options to match your décor – From airy pastels or dark, light-blocking solids and patterns, there are fashion-forward roller blinds for bifold doors that will compliment your home or office.

A variety of fabric choices – Whether your taste leans toward lightweight sheers, linen, suede, woven materials or decorator fabrics, there is an appropriate textile for you.

Blockout or light-filtering – From lightweight sheers that filter in the sunlight or opaque fabrics that afford total privacy, roller blinds have a selection that will meet your needs.

Main Features

Inside or outside mount – You can mount roller blinds inside windows, sliders, bifold doors, or other openings or outside the frame if more convenient.

Widths from 360 mm to 2790 mm – This width will fit most standard openings and even over-sized non-standard door openings.

Drop length from 500 mm to 3000 mm – Sizes afford maximum coverage and privacy, with easy-opening roller mechanisms.


Light-filtering – diffuses and softens the sun’s rays; obscures the outside without blocking the light.

Sunscreen – a mesh-type weave that blocks UV rays, but allows a view of the outside.

Blocking – completely obscures the view and light; ensures interior privacy.

Bonded – decorator fabrics securely bonded onto a blockout roller blind for a product that provides complete privacy yet matches your décor.

Bifold doors can be difficult to cover up, but you can have some fun with the décor options that roller blinds provide. Many options exist to blend with your decorating arrangements, as well as fulfilling a practical purpose in shutting out light that can fade fabrics and elevate interior temperatures. Roller blinds can be operated either manually or mechanically. You can customize your blind selection to fit your home design, door size, and personal aesthetic, as well as your budget.

Roller blinds fit seamlessly into your home or office decorating scheme, whether you have aluminium bifold doors, timber bifold doors, glass bifold doors, or other materials. They can be mounted to fit inside the door frame, or if your door design does not permit, they can be easily installed externally. With a number of design options, roller blinds let the outside in when you want it, block it out when you don’t, and save on expensive cooling bills by blocking out heat. They can also help preserve furniture and fabrics from the sun’s harmful rays. The best value for your money, bifold door blinds easily cover your sliding or French doors for maximum comfort and privacy.

If you are contemplating purchasing a bifold door covering, you should look into roller blinds as a viable choice that can be a compliment to your decorating blueprint while keeping costs down considerably. When making home renovations, it’s always important to ask yourself:

1. Will my choice enhance the look of my home’s interior?

2. Is it easy to operate and install?

3. Can I afford it?

Roller blinds for bifold doors are the perfect answer to all of these questions, and a definite upgrade to your home’s design.

Check out our range of roller blinds today.