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Baby-Proofing your Blinds and Window Shades

Every parent is well aware of the risk that seemingly harmless household items pose to children. While many parents cover the edges of coffee tables and beds while baby-proofing them effectively; due consideration is often not given to blinds and shades most of the time. This is largely because of the hitherto unknown risk they pose to toddlers.

The Problem at Hand

The truth is that curtains can be quite a safety risk to infants around the house. Toddlers tend to gambol around and play with anything that they happen to come across. This poses a very real threat of strangulation when they try to mess with the loop or cord on shades covering the windows.

If you happen to have children below the age of five around the house, it is crucial to ensure that you have done all you can to ensure that the home’s curtains or blinds are completely safe for your toddler to be around.

Safe Installation and Usage

Fortunately there is a way to ensure that blinds are safely installed so that they are completely safe for your children. When operating chains or cords are placed at a height of over 1.6 mts above the floor, they are out of reach of toddlers. Using cord anchors to attach them to the sides of the shades is another great way to make safety possible.

Restricting the size of the loop also works, as you can make certain it is too small for your infant to wedge their necks through. This effectively eliminates the chances of strangulation that were quite a real risk before.

After you take care of a few of these simple measures, you can easily install some of the prettiest shades you bought or venetian blinds online in Australiaknowing that they are completely safe for your toddler of infant.