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Add more style to a room with very little effort! Choose Roman blinds for a contemporary look

You must have stumbled upon various options to choose the right window treatment for your home when it comes to home decoration.

While traditional blinds online and curtains remain as the most preferred and appropriate window treatment, Roman blinds are becoming popular than ever these days.

Top Reasons for Why Roman Blinds Remain as Perennial Favourite

Clean lines

Roman blinds can be tucked away smoothly unlike curtains that often leave unsightly wrinkles or folds. The clean-cut finish of Roman blinds gives your room a fresh finish and a seamless look.

Both contemporary and classic

No matter how your home is, whether it is modern or traditional or the mix of the two, Roman blinds are the ideal option that suits any interior. Choose Roman blinds with plain, neutral colours and defined patterns for a contemporary finish and consider floral and damask with vibrant tones for a classic finish.

Bay windows

Unlike curtains, Roman blinds are perfect for bay windows and allow you to take full advantage of your window. Since Roman blinds are compact and clear-cut, they fall straight without wasting any window space.

How Roman blinds work?

Made from a soft fabric, Roman blinds form straight pleats when raised and hangs flat when lowered. Certain variations such as looped or teardrop folds are the most popular options available in Roman blinds. Dowel rod or slats are used to secure pleats in place and are usually sewn into the back of the blinds to keep them hidden from sight. A standard cord mechanism is used to control slats and lower or raise them to a few levels.


Usually made of soft fabric, Roman blinds online come in various colours and prints, stylish trims and border, and different textures that make it easier to be matched with any furniture and décor.

Roman blinds in whites, creams, and other soft colours are very popular for its luxurious style. More striking patterns and colours with different hue are also widely available.

Benefits of Roman blinds

Roman blinds are elegant and add real sophistication to the décor of a room.

Available in different materials, patterns, designs, colours, hue, and print to match your style and taste.

The stylish feature of Roman blinds instantly warms up any room.

Modern Roman blinds can be made of any materials such as wood and contemporary cellular fabric. The simple design and new technology in these custom made blinds makes it easier to adapt your Roman blinds to your needs and your décor.

In addition to providing the required privacy, Roman blinds also block out harmful UV rays from the sun. Today, Roman blinds come with improved features, block out options and fabrics with improved heat resistance.

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