Child Safety Around Blinds and Curtains

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Kids just love to have fun - if there's something to climb they'll climb it and if there's something to swing on they'll probably try to swing on it. Unfortunately many people don't realise that blinds and curtains can pose a safety risk to children within your home as young children are at risk of strangulation by the loop or cord on curtains and blinds. Tragically this can come about simply as a result of kids trying to have fun.

We want to make sure that blinds are installed and used safely by all our customers so you can release your kids to have fun without needing to worry. We recommend you take the following steps to ensure safety around your home when using blinds:

1. Keep any pull-cords out of reach of children, if they can't reach them then the risk is significantly reduced. We recommend you keep your cords at least 1.6 metres off the ground to achieve this. This should stop small children from being able to reach them even if they jump.

2. Use cord tidies to anchor cords to the wall and out of harm's way. If your cord has a loop, keep it so that the loop is too small for a child to fit their head through.

3. Move away any furniture that is near the blinds to prevent children from climbing on them and reaching the cords, this is particularly important for beds and sofas that a child may choose to jump up and down on.

4. When choosing new blinds make sure they meet the latest safety standards. Your blind should also have a safety sticker or tag on it - we recommend you keep this on as a reminder.

5. Your blinds should be installed and maintained as per the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

6. If you are concerned about the risk of your current blinds you could consider upgrading to cordless blinds. These almost entirely eliminate the chance of any harm coming to a child when in contact with your blinds.

All blinds sold by Super Blinds Mart are safe for children but if you have any questions concerning safety or blinds in general please contact us on 1300 652 027, email or live chat and our team will be happy to offer you advice.


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