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A Premium Choice of Blinds to Add a Timeless Charm to Your Home

In recent days, window coverings have become an integral part of any home décor. Choosing the right type of window treatment with stylish patterns and attractive colours can improve the décor of your home.

Timber venetian blinds are growing in popularity these days and are considered to be the classic, sturdy, and stylish choice for any home setting. This refined and elegant window furnishing has numerous benefits when installed in your home.

Did you know timber venetian blinds are made of timber sourced from sustainable plantations, and kiln dried to suit the Australian climate and comes with years of warranty for peace of mind?

Here are a few reasons to select timber venetian blinds online and how they have become the right choice for people in Australia.

Unique Blend of Warmth and Style

Timber venetian blinds come in a combination of warmth and style that provide an appealing look to your living space. With timber venetian blinds, you can achieve any style you desire. Since they are available in both modern painted colours and style finished with traditional stains, they can improve the décor of your home.

Light and Privacy

Most of the timber venetian blinds come with slats that are 50mm wide so that they can offer total control over light and privacy. You can adjust the slats to any angle to allow the desired amount of light that you feel comfortable in. They offer enhanced privacy control and prevents unwanted and annoying peeks and glares from the onlookers. Moreover, these blinds are UV protected and block harmful UV rays from entering your home.

Ease of Operation

There are some window treatments available in the market that requires quite an effort to operate. But, this is not the case with timber venetian blinds as they are easy to operate with their push and pull cords.

Versatile Design

Whether your house has a very traditional or modern look, timber venetian blinds look amazing on any home they are installed in. As they are available in different widths and types of wood, they provide numerous options to select the perfect fit and finish for your home. The versatility in design also makes them a great choice for offices and other commercial spaces.

Adds Value to Your Home

Did you know installing timber venetian blinds will raise the value of the home for prospective buyers? The numerous benefits of timber venetian blinds are attractive to home buyers, and this influence the value of your home in the real estate market.

Unlike other window blinds, timber venetian blinds do not cause any annoying banging sounds when the wind blows as they have a lot more weight.

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