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A brief guide: How to clean all types of window blinds

Most people never pay attention to their window blinds. If you take some time to look at them you’ll notice disturbing features such as dust and stains all of which come about due to poor management.

You don’t need to be a highly qualified cleaner to maintain the cleanliness of your window blinds online, you just need the right guidance about them. The following tips will make you capable of cleaning any kind of window blinds irrespective of the material it is made of, so read on.

How to Clean Fabric Blinds

There are many types of fabric blinds including cellular, roman, roller blinds online among others. All of them have a similar character which is the fine texture they possess that guarantees ease during cleaning. How you clean a fabric window blind depends on the type of dirt that is on it. Dust only calls for a fur roller to remove, serious dirt such as stains calls for a more strategic approach. You are advised to clean the stained spot with a piece of cloth that has been dampened using the appropriate detergent. This method of getting rid of dirt has its own setback. Other parts of the blind might appear cleaner than others giving it a disturbing spotty look. For such cases, the best solution is always to wash the whole fabric. Washing must be done in the right way to avoid damaging the blinds.

How to Clean Aluminium Blinds

These are the easiest of blinds online to clean. You only need to lift the blinds up so that they can give you an easy time cleaning them. Raise the slats and maintain them in a horizontal locus, after that you can proceed to do the dusting. Dusting is recommended only for the blinds installed in all other places apart from the kitchen. The kitchen blinds are an isolated case as they need more effort to clean due to the grease that might have accumulated on the slats. You are advised to use a dampened cloth with a grease removing detergent to give the blinds a shiny appearance. After doing that you can now let the blinds dry naturally.

How to Clean Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds are very delicate. For this reason, one needs to be extra careful when dealing with them. The aim is to clean without destroying them. Wood is susceptible to warping upon coming in contact with water. As you clean the blinds make sure that you don’t expose them to a lot of moisture.

How to Clean Vertical Blinds

When cleaning this type of blind, avoid using anything rough as this might cause the blinds to fade and scratch. Only use a soft sponge to clean them and while doing so don’t put too much effort on it lest you break it.

You can find more details about cleaning and their upkeep when you buy blinds online from a reputable supplier.