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7 reasons to love Vertical blinds

As the name suggests, “Vertical” blinds allude to vertical hanging slats. These slats are normally suspended from a single tip and can be effortlessly shifted from one side to another.

You can also choose from a variety of styles, textures and colours when looking for vertical blinds online. Here are the qualities that make vertical blinds very special,

Best option for sliding doors

If you have ever explored window dressings for sliding doors, you may know how challenging it is to find a perfect fit. Sliding doors are meant to be opened from side to side and as they are usually walked past often, you would have to choose a window treatment that is easy to clean and hard-wearing. Luckily, vertical blinds moves from side to side and provides varying protection from the sunlight. So when it comes to selecting window treatments for sliding or patio doors, customers mostly prefers vertical blinds online over other alternatives.

Perfect solution for large windows

Similar to sliding doors, finding window treatments for large windows is also difficult, Traditional window blinds have horizontal slats which can only be moved in an up and down manner. So, the ease of operation depends greatly on the weight of the blinds since above a particular weight the slats would become too heavy to lift. This makes it impossible to cover a widow of substantial height or width with a single horizontal blind.

But vertical blinds are operated from side to side, so you need not worry about their weight. For example, when you consider a window that measures about 12’ x 10’, it would require multiple horizontal blinds to attain full coverage. Or else, vertical blind hanging on a single head rail can be used instead.

Ease of maintenance

Because of their design, vertical blinds do not gather much dust and dirt like a conventional horizontal blind. They are easy to clean and wouldn’t take much of your time.


Vertical blinds are one of the most affordable window treatment solutions available in the market. Compared to other alternate options for sliding and patio doors, vertical blinds are significantly cheaper. Even when you are buying vertical blinds for a normal window, they would still be considered more reasonably priced.

But just like any window treatment, the durability and efficiency of vertical blinds depend on their price. If you do not want the vanes to break or the head rails to malfunction within a short term of usage, do not go for the cheapest option. In a nutshell, never compromise on the quality when looking for something that fits within your budget.

So, doesn’t it make sense to consider vertical blinds the next time you shop for window treatments?