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5 Great Examples of Custom Venetian Blinds At Home

Window dressings make a huge impact on a room. What you use to cover your windows can enhance or take away from the view outside. It is terribly obvious when blinds are too small or too large. Poorly made blinds tend to develop cracks and tear more easily. For the best look, custom Venetian blinds make your unfinished room complete. Drapes and Shutters do not allow you to regulate the natural light as effectively as blinds allow. With blinds there is a subtle level of adjustments that can be made to invite a little bit of light or an optimum amount of sunlight. There are varying types of venetian blinds including but not limited to faux wood, aluminium, real wood and vinyl.

Originating in Venice Italy, Venetian blinds have become increasingly popular. Among the many benefits of having it as part of your home design is that it is easy to clean and maintain. Michael Schaible of Architectural digest calls it his favourite window treatment.

The benefits of this choice are numerous. It can block out the outside view completely and offer you privacy. You can install a horizontal or vertical style to fit your room layout. Below are some examples of the effect of adding custom made venetian blinds to your space.

1. Vertical Venetian Blinds

To cover up a very large window space the home designer chose large custom vertical Venetian aluminium blinds. The width and length of the blinds gives it a uniform look. In fact the room looks a bit larger as the sunlight barely enters and hits the wood floors and rug. The slight bit of sunlight allowed to enter the home also hits the furniture making the room look brighter and more elegant.


2. Horizontal Venetian Blinds

In this beautiful example of horizontal blinds the designer chose a wood colour. The room appears more spacious with the blinds. Curtains here would have made the space look older and smaller. The ability to regulate the amount of sunlight with the horizontal blinds as well makes the room warm and inviting yet still sophisticated which is not an easy thing to do.


3. Narrow Custom Wooden Venetian Blinds

This homeowner chose to put blinds on all of the windows in this picture. One set of blinds is down. The other set is partially up and allowing for tons of light to enter the room. This is a signature advantage of blinds, you can raise it up and let in all the light available to you through the chosen window. However with the one that is down you are still able to have the effect of sunlight but maintain your privacy all at the same time. For the window blinds that are down you can see that no one can see through the window.


4. Several Ventian blinds in one room

If you were to put curtains on five or six windows close together in one room it would look very busy and not as neat. The advantage of so many windows is the sunlight and the view. The disadvantage is one can feel a lack of privacy. Here the owner chose a grey set of blinds to match the furniture. You can do that and not look too redundant. Horizontal blinds were chosen in this case as well. The homeowners here chose to have the blinds start about a third of the way down. This is the benefit of customizing the blinds in your home. You are able to decide where they start and end.


5. Venetian Blinds in the Bathroom

There probably isn’t a room where you feel you need more privacy than the bathroom. Here the blinds do something a little different than one would expect. It actually makes the room feel intimate and cosy. A simple horizontal white set of custom venetian blinds is used and shut tightly. As you can see not one bit of sunlight is entering through the closed shut blinds. You can rotate blinds up or down for a tightly closed look and choose a colour or style that flows with the design of your space. You can enjoy your area the way you want no matter what time of the day it is.


Regulate the light that comes into your home and have a clean look with custom Venetian blinds. You can choose from several colours to match the interior design of your home. Go with a classic white look or wood. Either way you enhance your home styling taste with Venetian blinds.