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5 Best Tips to Keep your Vertical Blinds in Top Shape

Vertical blinds are proven to save more on your heating and cooling costs. Regular cleaning of vertical blinds should always be a part of your maintenance regimen. There are several aspects that determine how often vertical blinds have to be washed – some of them include humidity, air quality, and ventilation. Here are some easy, yet effective tips to maintain your vertical blinds.

Frequently dust your vertical blinds

Firstly, spray an aerosol onto the blind to displace any dust settled on it and then proceed with the dusting. A minimal amount of cloth freshener or air freshener would do to clean fabric blinds. When it comes to wooden blinds, it is ideal to use compressed air that doesn’t cause any damage. It is not advisable to use a feather duster or a cloth as this would just move the dust around instead of removing it off the surface.

Gentle Vacuuming is a Better Option

Dismantling the vertical blinds to clean them can be hard for some. But this could be avoided if you vacuum the slats regularly. Make sure to use a brush attachment while vacuuming the blinds as this will be most effective in removing the dust particles whilst gently cleaning your blinds. Remember: Always vacuum in a downward motion from the top.

Beware of Machine Wash

There are several vertical blinds that can be machine washed but it’s possible for them to get damaged easily, especially if they are of low quality. So if you decide to wash your blinds in the machine, it’s ideal to roll the blinds and put them in a pillow case for safety.

Use Warm Water Rather than Hot Water

Never use hot water to clean your blinds. Warm water is always better in cleaning the blinds because it is much efficient in stain removal without causing harm. Just use your hands to determine the temperature of the water if you are cleaning your blinds in a bucket, bathtub or a basin. If you are using your washing machine (provided the label says your blinds are machine washable) see to that you do not set the temperature higher than 30 degrees. Only use those detergents that are meant for washing delicate fabrics. Always follow the instructions to safely clean your vertical blinds.

Let your Blinds Dry Naturally

Irrespective of cleaning your blinds by hand wash or machine wash, ensure that the blinds lie flat and that they dry naturally. This is because, when you put your blinds in a dryer, it might get heated up, shrinking in different spots. Hanging the blinds to dry them is also an issue, as the different levels of moisture in each slat will stretch the blinds in an uneven manner.

Follow these 5 important tips to keep your vertical blinds well maintained for long. Got any cleaning tips to suggest? Let us know in the comments!