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4 Ways Venetian Blinds are a better Choice than Curtains

Moving in to a new home? Renovating your existing one? Chances are that you are all set to spend wisely on interior décor. You might have already decided to paint the desired colour for your walls, pick the right furniture and crockery to be included in the interiors and more. If you are thinking about getting curtains for your windows, we suggest you NOT to buy them and go for venetian blinds instead. Wondering why? Read on to know:

1. Better light control with blinds:

With regards to light control, regular curtains find no usage in homes. Curtains are either simply fully open or fully close and when you make fine adjustments, the results aren’t much satisfactory. On the bright side, venetian blinds are designed for effective light control. You can simply rotate the blind, until you receive enough light in your room. Moreover, the light gets evenly distributed around your room.

2. Better Insulation than Curtains:

Venetian blinds come in different materials such as wood and metal, which act as good insulators of heat. They help reduce heating costs substantially during winter. This is made possible by trapping heat and preventing it from escaping your room. Similarly, blinds do reflect heat coming from the outside during summer to keep your room cool, thus reducing your dependency on cooling appliances. This is not possible when you use curtains.

3. Cleaning in Simple:

Cleaning and maintenance of curtains is beyond hard for sure. Curtains can easily catch dust and even though they aren’t visibly dirty, it acts as a breeding ground for microbes and bacteria. It would take a great deal of time to remove them, wash them (hand wash in some cases depending on the fabric), and subsequently hang them to dry. This entire process would take almost a day.

Maintenance and cleansing of blinds are much easier than curtains. It just requires a cloth with some soap and water, and they don’t even have to be removed. Additionally, venetian blinds do not attract germs and pollen, hence they are safer to use than curtains.

4. High Durability:

Venetian blinds – or any other sort of blinds for that matter – are acclaimed for their high durability and lesser maintenance. Curtains are usually dated and will last only for a few years, even when adequately maintained. Curtains when worn out and old will certainly look ugly. Venetian blinds, on the other hand, can simply handle its style and elegance for many years without any flaws in its performance.

While both curtains and venetian blinds work well in terms of privacy, venetian blinds sets the right balance between privacy and light control, hence blinds are the clear winner in the case of privacy too. Now that you know how venetian blinds are far better than curtains, what are you waiting for? Get ready to show off by picking the high quality and stylish venetian blinds online of your choice.