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4 reasons many love Vertical blinds

When it comes to practicality, vertical blinds are at the top of the list. Many fail to appreciate them because they are not really sexy.

Vertical blinds are not necessarily the sexiest but they are very useful to your windows compared to others. Below we discuss some of the reasons most people love vertical blinds.

Ideal for patio doors and sliding glass

Finding blinds online that can work well with patio doors and sliding windows is a challenge.

However, the vertical blinds online are usually available for this reason. The requirements for sliding windows and doors should move or open from one side to the other the same way a door does.

Besides these features, they must be durable since these areas have a lot of movement. In addition, cleaning them should be an easy task as well. There are very few blinds that can possess these entire features. In fact, only vertical blinds possess them and will appropriately serve in the space you need.

Vertical blinds offer vanes and louvers which can be tilted to a given angle to allow light through. They also slide from one side to another giving you ample time to use the doorway.

Good for wide windows

Finding blinds online that can fit into wide windows is tough. Because most blinds are operated up and down, weight becomes an issue. With high and large windows it becomes difficult to lift the blinds up there and it might pose a risk to the users in case of a malfunction.

It becomes even more complicated because one shade will be unable to cover the lengths involved. You will have to use several of them.

Vertical blinds offer the perfect solution for wider windows. The fact that they open from side-to-side make them reduces the weight issue. They are capable of covering large windows with just a single purchase as large as 12 x 10 inches wide.

Makes cleaning easy

Cleaning is easier with most slats. Many blinds online would sell because of this. Vertical blinds are even easier to clean and especially considering that the style they use to accumulate dust is way different from other horizontal slats. However, you should choose those with vinyl vanes and not fabric. Fabric vanes require a thorough cleaning than their vinyl counterparts.

They are much affordable

When you compare the prices of blinds online and other general window coverings you will conclusively realise that vertical blinds are much cheaper compared to the rest. Take for instance the price tags of panel tracks, vertical sliders and roller shades then compare them with the prices of vertical blinds and see the difference.

They will still be the cheapest even when used in standard windows (not patio doors or sliding glasses). So the vertical slides will save much of your money and offer you the best service.

These are the reasons people love these blinds. Though not sexy they are useful and affordable. You can get the vertical blinds online easily if you need them.