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3 types of blinds best suited for bathrooms

The bathroom is the wettest with highest levels of humidity area in the house, even more than the kitchen.

It experiences heat, humidity, dampness and steam on a daily basis, and can also easily accumulate dirt and grime. However, unlike other rooms, the bathroom also receives the least amount of light and air circulation. Also, the blinds you install need to be easy to grip and use with wet hands, and they should also be somewhat heat resistant.

This means that choosing the right type of blinds online is of the utmost importance, as the wrong type of blinds – one that absorbs moisture or is difficult to clean – can soon become a liability, and even contribute to the messy look of a bathroom. The window treatment you choose for your bathroom should also be one that lets you maintain privacy and reduces glare while still letting in enough light to brighten up the room.

Here are a few ideas on the types of blinds online that are best suited for your stylish bathroom:

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are the number one choice for light control and privacy in the bathroom. A cord can be pulled easily to maximise the natural light coming into the room and also not sacrifice the privacy of your bathroom. There is a wide range of Venetian blinds online that are also water-resistant and are therefore well suited for the high levels of dampness and humidity in the bathroom. You could also opt for aluminum Venetian blinds that have a sleek and clean finish and are also much easier to clean and maintain. Always remember to wipe down your Venetian blinds often with a clean, dry cloth so that moisture and grime do not collect in the corners and nooks of the blinds.

Faux wood blinds

These are blinds that give the appearance of being made out of wood, but are made of PVC which are water-resistant as well as mould-resistant. Mould can be a serious problem in wet areas like the bathroom and can even cause health issues like allergies and breathing difficulties. Therefore, faux wood blinds are a good option for your modern, stylish bathroom. Faux wood blinds online come in a series of colours and sizes and are perfect for maintaining the dryness in your bathroom while still letting in the right amount of light.

Roller blinds

These are blinds that are easy to use, and will not get stuck in the frame due to dampness or wetness. They do not easily warp due to the humidity in the bathroom and can stay looking fresh and new for long periods of time. They also offer great privacy as they efficiently cover the windows at the eye level. Roller blinds online come in a wide range of water-resistant materials that are easy to wash or clean and maintain.